Lecture for pupils Semei city

Lecture for pupils Semei city

Most parents and doctors in Kazakhstan have forgotten what measles is. It is considered a long-defeated disease. This year, at the beginning of September, more than 4 thousand cases were registered. The infection spreads mainly in kindergartens and schools. Most often, school-age children who have not been vaccinated get sick.

On November 8, 2023, at secondary school N 29, under the guidance of the assistant of the Department of GP of Semey, D.N. Saidualiev, a 2nd-year resident of the specialty “Family Medicine” and students of 5317 groups of the NCJSC  “Semey Medical University” held a lecture on measles prevention. The speaker was: resident of the 2nd year of the specialty “Family Medicine” Muzhanova A.S. and students of 5317 groups of the Faculty of General Medicine: Gaisina N., Nurbolatovna A. students of grades 10-11 took part in the seminar.

The speakers presented the clinical picture of the disease, its stages, paid special attention to the prevention and vaccination against measles.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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