Regional IT festival “Steam fest “Digital Abai”

Regional IT festival “Steam fest “Digital Abai”

On November 24, the Regional IT festival “STEAM FEST “DIGITAL ABAI” was held, where the best innovative projects and digital technologies in the IT field were presented. Employees of the Admissions Committee and Medical Foundation, together with the Department of IT Technology in Medicine, took part in the regional STEAM festival “Digital Abai”.

The event was organized to introduce the younger generation to scientific and technical creativity, identify, support and disseminate the best IT solutions for students, students and teachers, present new innovative technologies, and improve the professional competence of teachers.

Participants in the IT festival included IT companies, representatives of universities, directors of schools and colleges, students.

The employees of the department carried out career guidance work during this type of event, which is very important and necessary for schoolchildren in order to attract the attention of future applicants and demonstrate to them all the prospects of the decision made, and also familiarize them with the rules of admission and training at  “MUS”.

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