Practical training of interns-GP of the Semey GMP Department of NPJSC SMU on clinical bases

Practical training of interns-GP of the Semey GMP Department of NPJSC SMU on clinical bases

The main task of internship is to improve the practical training of graduates of medical higher educational institutions, improve the professional level and the degree of their readiness for independent medical activity. Training of interns is carried out in accordance with the Regulations on Internship, SOSE-2020 and EP on speciality “Medicine”.

Interns studying in the specialty “General Practitioner” under the guidance of the Semey GMP Department of NPJSC SMU, which is headed by Dr. M.Sc., Professor Dyusupova A.A., undergo practical training at clinical bases in accordance with the Contracts concluded between NPJSC SMU and Semey HCF.

In order to improve the necessary clinical competencies, interns-GP supervise patients in organizations providing primary health care, conduct mixed appointments of adults and children, obstetric and gynecological appointments, patronage of newborns and pregnant women, participate in the implementation of measures on immunoprophylaxis, vaccination of children and adults, prescribing and performing all diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive measures under the guidance of a doctor. They master the skills of working in medical information systems (MIS), fill in the necessary accounting and reporting documentation, including forms 052, 031, 034, etc., and actively participate in sanitary and educational work among the population, promotion of healthy lifestyles, including through regular classes at the School of Preventive Medicine, and participate in the screening of children and adults.

Currently, in connection with the epidemiological situation in the Republic of Kazakhstan, interns- GP 6-7 courses participate in the organization and conduct seminars for the population on the prevention of measles and acute respiratory viral infections. Within the framework of the Clinician’s School together with the faculty department organize and conduct meetings of Health Schools (mother and child, AH, DM, CHD, etc.) on priority problems of primary health care.

In connection with the fact that the protection of health of the younger generation is a priority strategic objective of the state, one of the important sections of the training of interns is the participation together with faculty in the conduct of vaccine prophylaxis in kindergarten №14 and School №15, located in the territory of the department main clinical base of the Semey PCC №12.

The development of skills of research work of interns contributes to the involvement and their active participation in the recruitment of clinical materials for a scientific project on the problem of early diagnosis and prevention of prediabetes in the Kazakh population, which is carried out under the Grant MES RK 2022-2024, won by the department under the leadership of Dr. M.Sc., Professor Dyusupova AA.

Thus, the practical training of interns-GP at the Semey GMP Department of NPJSC SMU provides a set of measures to achieve the necessary level of competence in further independent activity as a general practitioner.