Olympiad “Cardio- Respiratory system”

Olympiad “Cardio- Respiratory system”

05.12.2023 on the department of internal diseases Olympiad held among 3rd course students specialty “General Medicine” by discipline “Pathology of cardio- respiratory system” Salutation speech was brought by cathedra docent Tokabaev Azamat Kozhagulovich. Students took an active participation in Olympiad and approved their knowledge.

1st place- Dayletkazy Aigerim (3309 group)

2nd place- Ulan Samgar (3310 group)

2nd place- Suyimbekova Zarina (3309 group)

3rd place- Mukhametkazhieva Gulim (3309 group)

3rd place- Aristotelova Arailym (3309 group)

Congratulations to our students and wish them further success!

Committee director, cathedra docent Zhazykbayeva L.K

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