Industrial practice for students of the specialty “Pharmacy”

Industrial practice for students of the specialty “Pharmacy”

In the period from 11.28.23 to 12.15.23, 5th year students of the specialty “Pharmacy” undergo practical training “Quality control and standardization of medicines” at the Terra Pharm Pharmacy in Astana. The purpose of this practice is: to consolidate the theoretical knowledge acquired during the study of the discipline “Pharmaceutical Chemistry”.

In accordance with the final learning results, during the internship, students mastered practical skills:

Preparation of reagents, indicator solutions, titrated solutions (with the establishment of correction factors).

General pharmacopoeial methods of physical, chemical and physicochemical research, determination of solubility, color transparency, acidity and alkalinity.

– pharmacopoeial analysis of purified water, chemical and pharmaceutical preparations of inorganic and organic nature, finished dosage forms (tablets, injection solutions, eye drops, ointments, etc.) according to the methods of GF, FS, VFS, ND;

– express analysis of extemporaneous dosage forms withdrawn from pharmacies (powders, mixtures, ointments, eye drops, injection solutions, alcohol solutions, etc.);

– analysis of medicinal plant materials, extraction preparations (tinctures, extracts, etc.).