Аrtificial intelligence

Аrtificial intelligence

On January 30, 2024, Zhorokpayeva Meiramgul Dosanovna conducted a tutorial lesson with students of groups 1121GM  and 1305Dentistry. This lesson was aimed at introducing students to the basic concepts and principles of artificial intelligence.

Lesson topic: Artificial intelligence. The purpose of this lesson was to familiarize students with this topic and explain its basic concepts. Zhorakpayeva M.D. explained the task by turning on an introductory video and then everyone started working. During the lesson, student 1305Dentistry  made a presentation. The presentations included a «Guide to the Use of Artificial Intelligence».  Many students expressed the belief that artificial intelligence can significantly improve operational efficiency in various fields such as healthcare, education and manufacturing. All students were active, learned the lesson material and remembered additional information for themselves. Students were divided into groups to test the material they had learned. Each group was given the task of writing down the positive and negative aspects of this material. Many groups responded positively. However, some groups have also raised questions about possible ethical dilemmas and safety issues associated with the use of AI.

Zhorokpayeva M.D. concluded by noting the importance of critical thinking when evaluating AI technologies and encouraged students to continue studying the topic, emphasizing that understanding AI is becoming increasingly important in today’s world. She also encouraged students to consider pursuing further study in AI as part of their majors.

Group supervisor

Zhorokpayeva M.D.