Aliya Moldagulova – Hero of the Soviet Union

Aliya Moldagulova – Hero of the Soviet Union

On January 29, 2024, under the guidance of a senior lecturer at the military department, lieutenant colonel of the medical service Smailov N.S., a small curatorial hour was held dedicated to the 100th anniversary of our heroine Aliya Moldagulova, whose name is woven into the pages of history with a golden letter.

Aliya Moldagulova Nurmukhamedovna (real name Ilia). The Kazakh heroine, Hero of the Soviet Union. She was born on October 25, 1925 in the Aktobe region in the village of Bulak, in the family of Sarkulov Nurmukhammad and Moldagulova Marzhan.

The name of Aliya Moldagulova, who was in extraordinary courage, dedication, brusque courage, which not every man can afford, has always been noble for the Kazakh people. In 1942, Aliya voluntarily went to the front and graduated from sniper school with honors. But for a while she was not allowed to practically demonstrate her knowledge on the battlefield on the front line. But a young Kazakh girl rushed forward, rushed to shoot at the enemy. She destroyed more than 30 soldiers and officers of the enemy army.

On June 4, 1944, she was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. She was awarded the Order of Lenin. Today, the students of the 3516 group remembered our heroine, whose name was remembered by the country forever, awakened feelings of patriotism, and the students received a great impression from the curatorial hour.

Aliya Moldagulova’s feat and heroism remain in our memory to this day.

Students 3516  groups of the military departament