Clinical mentoring at the Department of Psychiatry and Narcology

Clinical mentoring at the Department of Psychiatry and Narcology

The main functions of our education aimed at the professional development of a person are the formation of a specialist with higher medical education who use their skills, knowledge and experience in the prevention and treatment of diseases, maintaining normal human life. All these qualities of a true doctor are difficult to obtain without involving practical healthcare professionals with extensive clinical experience who are at the forefront of medicine in the training process.

Mentoring is a long, time—consuming and psychologically complex educational process that contributes to the successful adaptation of residents, the qualitative development of the curriculum, the formation of the personality of a future specialist and requires great endurance and experience.

At the moment, 11 residents are studying at the Department of Psychiatry and Narcology. Of these, the 1st year of study: in Semey-4, in Pavlodar-3, the 2nd year of study in Semey-4.   Our clinical mentors are experienced doctors of the Regional Mental Health Center Sutormin V.V., Ereshova G.T., doctors of the highest category. We can contact them without any problems with any questions concerning our patients. We conduct clinical examinations with them, and participate in rounds every morning. Our mentors are very competent, who are always ready to share their experience and skills, thereby guiding us on the right path.

As a result of the residents’ cooperation with clinical mentors, we learn the material better, skills and abilities develop, both independently and in a team, readiness to make the most appropriate and correct decision in a difficult diagnostic and organizational situation is formed; productive clinical thinking, observation, memory, perseverance, self-control, the ability to finish what has been started develops to the end and defend your point of view. The key point for mastering practical skills is to work at the bedside, which takes up most of the educational and pedagogical process. We learn all these skills thanks to our mentors.

Thus, the involvement of practitioners in the learning process, the constant desire of teachers to improve the quality of education, provides us with motivation and competitiveness.

I believe that education is the basic foundation and only the experience of the older generation in the person of mentors gives a sense of confidence in successful professional adaptation.


Resident of 2 years Amrenova Samal

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