The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Academic Activities

The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Academic Activities

On January 31, students of the 4224 group, together with the curator Gulbarshyn Myrzakhmetovna, assistant of the Department of “Obstetrics and Gynecology named after A.A.Kozbagarov”, held an exciting and informative curatorial hour on the topic “The use of Artificial Intelligence in Academic Activities.” This event was a vivid example of how students can actively participate in shaping the educational environment and discussing advanced technological trends.

Introduction to the World of Artificial Intelligence

The curatorial hour began with an introductory part, where we examined the basic concepts and principles of artificial intelligence. The curator spoke in detail about how AI contributes to various aspects of our lives and why the academic environment cannot stay away from these changes.

The use of AI in Education

The second part of the event was devoted to the use of artificial intelligence in education. The students learned about the new opportunities that open up thanks to the automation of the educational process and the use of intelligent educational platforms. The prospects of personalized learning using machine learning algorithms were discussed.

Ethical Issues and Research Opportunities

An important aspect of our curatorial hour was the discussion of ethical issues related to the use of AI in the academic field. The students and the curator focused on issues of data privacy, fairness and responsible use of technology. The research opportunities that open up to students in the context of using AI in scientific research were also considered.

Student Projects and Research

Special attention was paid to projects and research carried out by students using artificial intelligence. Examples of successful projects were presented, and students shared their experience of introducing AI elements into their educational and research work.

A Look into the Future of Education and AI

Concluding the curatorial hour, we discussed the trends in the development of education in the context of the progress of artificial intelligence. The students expressed their views on how AI can influence the learning process in the future, and the curator shared his vision of the role of teachers and students in the evolution of education.


The curatorial hour on the use of artificial intelligence in academic activities has become a vivid example of the joint efforts of students and teachers in creating an educational environment open to advanced technologies. This event not only expanded the knowledge of the participants, but also inspired us to introduce new ideas and technologies into our academic practice. Together, we are creating a future of education where artificial intelligence becomes an integral part of our learning experience.