Fire safety is your safety

Fire safety is your safety

On 02.02.2024, group 3516, led by senior lecturer of the military department, Lieutenant Colonel of the medical service Smailov N.S., visited the Specialized Fire Station No. 1, which has a Fire Protection Museum.Visitors are presented here with a special technique that was used many years ago and is used to extinguish fires now.

Today, the museum has more than six thousand exhibits, many of which are personal items, gifts from veterans and firefighters. Of particular interest is the exhibit, which was designed by the firefighters themselves, constructed in 1987. This is a mock–up of a TV – with a plump screen, the look of which is so familiar to each of us. Inside there is a miniature model of the apartment in which the fire is taking place. At first, the curtains slowly light up, then the furniture and only the rescuers who urgently went to help remain waiting. This is not only a good example of why you need to think about security, but also the embodiment of an interesting idea.

But you don’t even have to go to the museum to encounter the history adjacent to modernity in the city of Semey. To do this, it is enough to pay attention to the nearest buildings – for example, a building painted brick red.

And then the fire tower, which has existed in our city for more than a century, will rise in front of you.

The 3516 group is very grateful to the curator N.S. Smailov and the head of the Museum of Fire Protection Farhat Yerkimbayev.

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