Career guidance work in Beskaragay district

Career guidance work in Beskaragay district

February 07, 2024, methodologist of the admissions committee and the Medical Foundation S.A. Kaigeldinova. and assistant of the Department of Dental Disciplines and Maxillofacial Surgery Ortbaev E.E. Career guidance work was carried out with schoolchildren in the Beskaragay district.

The purpose of the event: to familiarize and attract students of the Beskaragay district to “SMU”

The event was attended by students of grades 10, 11 from schools in the district and their teachers.

A video and a presentation with full information about the dynamic infrastructural development of “SMU” the intensive growth of its educational, scientific and innovative potential were presented. Students of the Beskaragay district were familiarized in detail with the 70-year history and current successful activities of “SMU”

During the meeting, school students asked questions of interest to them. Additional materials were also actively used, which were distributed to schoolchildren in the form of leaflets and booklets with information about “SMU”,

At the end of the event, students and school teachers expressed their gratitude to representatives of “SMU”