School of Preventive Medicine at the Department of General Medical Practice of Semey

School of Preventive Medicine at the Department of General Medical Practice of Semey

Training in the 10 steps of developmental monitoring within the framework of the program “Universal Progressive Model of Patronage at the PHC level” is an important component of the work of family physicians and pediatricians, which allows timely identification of problems in the development of young children. This knowledge and competencies are also useful for general practitioner-interns, many of whom have already had life experience as parents by their 6th or 7th year of study.

In the format of the School of Preventive Medicine on the topic “UPMP: Module #13 – Monitoring Child Development”, another training was held on February 5, 2024.  The School was devoted to current problems in the organization of foster care monitoring of young children, in particular, the algorithm for monitoring the development of children during home visits. general practitioner-interns from groups 603 and 604 took an active part in preparing and conducting the School.

The training included two parts. The first part was devoted to teaching the algorithm and methodology of development monitoring in 5 main areas. During the second part there was a feedback in the form of a quiz “Own game”, in which the students participated. Timely identification of at-risk children and organization of early intervention will help the child realize his/her potential to thrive in the future. Professional developmental monitoring helps prevent a multitude of problems, including social problems.

The School of Preventive Medicine was prepared and conducted under the guidance of the Head of the Department, Professor Dyusupova A.A., the staff of the Department: T.I. Terekhova, R.I. Faizova, T.M. Belyaeva, G.T. Kamasheva, O.A. Yurkovskaya.

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