Round table “School of Hepatologist”

Round table “School of Hepatologist”

The Department of Internal Medicine and Rheumatology on February 27th, 2024, according to the plan of scientific events of the university for 2024, held a round table “School of Hepatologist”, by the head Department Kaskabayeva A.Sh. on the topic “Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Preventive Medicine”, moderated by Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences. Zhumadilova Z.K. Head of the Scientific Gastroenterological School. The round table was held in a hybrid format with online connection of residents – gastroenterologists, therapists, infectious disease specialists of the branch of the University of Ust-Kamenogorsk and Pavlodar.

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a widespread chronic liver injury due to its association with metabolically active disorders such as obesity, diabetes mellitus, etc. The morbidity and mortality from this pathology has been growing exponentially in recent decades. NAFLD can be called a pressing public health problem, since the presence of this disease not only contributes to the development of liver fibrosis and cirrhosis, but is also an independent factor that increases mortality from cardiovascular diseases. To date, there is no single pathogenetic mechanism for the development and progression of NAFLD that could be influenced for therapeutic purposes. Taking into account the influence of factors such as overnutrition, obesity, and metabolic syndrome, a treatment strategy in the form of lifestyle modification seems to be the most promising.

Speeches by associate professor Zh.E. Muzdubayeva were heard on the main issues of epidemiology, clinical picture, diagnosis and treatment of this pathology. Resident Togaybekova M. under the guidance of Associate Professor Shakhanova A.T. reported the results of a study of the most accessible and informative non-invasive methods for diagnosing early fibrosis formation in NAFLD. The work was carried out in the gastronomic department of the NCJSC “SMU”. Resident Amanzholova G., who conducted the study under the guidance of Professor Zhumadilova Z.K., presented data on assessing the effectiveness of preventive methods of treating outpatients with NAFLD in a polyclinic in the city of Pavlodar, using questionnaires and recommendations developed by a group of gastroenterology residents.

All round table participants took an active part in the discussion of this topic. At the end of the meeting, we came to the same opinion: lifestyle modification in patients with NAFLD today is the only strategy for treating the disease in conditions of comorbidity and preventing the development of fibrosis and cirrhosis of the liver. Weight loss or weight maintenance is a priority for non-drug therapy for NAFLD. A low-calorie Mediterranean diet, complete in micronutrient composition, and reasonable regular physical activity are the main goals of modifying the lifestyle of patients with NAFLD. The work of the preventive “School of Hepatologist” with the participation of residents – gastroenterologists under the leadership of the Department of Internal Medicine and Rheumatology will be continued and its results will be shared in publications and speeches at the conference of young scientists.

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