Video contest “My University is the best university in the country!”

Video contest “My University is the best university in the country!”

Your university is the best university in the world! But… only we and you know about it. It’s time to say loudly and clearly: “My university is the best university in the country!” Let everyone know about it!


about the Video Contest

  1. General provisions and topics of the contest

1.1. The theme of the Contest: “My university is the best university in the country!”

1.2. The competition is held for 1 year students of all specialties of the university.

1.3. The organizer of the competition is the Department of General Education Disciplines.

  1. Goals and objectives of the competition

2.1. Objectives of the competition:

  • formation of students’ interest in student life, cohesion among medical university students;
  • formation of corporate spirit among students;
  • improving the digital skills of future doctors.

2.2. Objectives of the contest:

  • fostering a patriotic attitude to the history and traditions of the Semey Medical University;
  • identification of the best videos on the stated topic.
  1. 3. Terms of the competition

3.1. Deadline for submission of competitive works: until 10.03.2024

3.2. Date of the contest: 13.03.2024

  1. 4. Conditions of participation in the competition

4.1. Videos created individually or from teams are accepted for participation in the Competition.

4.2. The contest videos must be presented in Kazakh, Russian or English.

4.3. The video must be copyrighted, the use of borrowed materials is not allowed.

4.4. Participation in the contest is free of charge.

4.5. Participation in the contest means the consent of the author(s) to post the video on Instagram @kaf.ood.

  1. 5. Requirements for videos

5.1. Upload the video to Google Drive or another cloud of the contestant’s choice;

5.2. Send a link to download the video to the mail  with the note “For the video contest” or contact the teachers of the ICT course – 213 office of the main building, Galymova Assem, +77751341214;

5.3. When sending a video, fill out the registration form of the participant using the link write the full name, specialty, course, group number and phone number of the authors of the video;

5.4. Acceptable video formats: .mp4, .mov, .avi.

5.5. The timing of the video is no more than 3 minutes.

  1. 6. Criteria for the selection of competitive materials

6.1. The correspondence of the work to the declared topic, the depth of disclosure of the content.

6.2. The originality of the plot.

6.3. The depth of the emotional impact on the viewer.

6.4. Design of the design: style, aesthetics, ergonomics.

6.5. Application of software (Appropriate use of graphic and animation elements, working with sound (sound quality, synchronization of music and images), editing solution (video transitions), etc.)

  1. 7. The jury of the competition

7.1. Chairman of the jury: Head of the department of general education disciplines, doctor of political sciences Urankhayeva Gulmira.

Members of the jury:

7.2. Dean of the school of public health, dentistry, pharmacy and nursing Kairhanova Ynkar.

7.3. Chief specialist of the digital technology department Tlebaldin Nurlan.

7.4. Associate professor of the department of general education disciplines, candidate of pedagogical sciences Mussatayeva Iyungul.

  1. 8. Promotion of the winners of the competition

8.1. According to the jury, the three best video works will be awarded with diplomas and gifts.

8.2. All the contest entries will be posted on Instagram @kaf.ood for the audience vote, the video with the highest number of  likes will receive the audience award.

8.2. The best videos will be posted on social networks on the pages of the university.

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