Event within the framework of the “Day of Gratitude” holiday

Event within the framework of the “Day of Gratitude” holiday

On March 1, the first day of spring, Kazakhstanis celebrate the Thanksgiving Day holiday for the fifth time. Celebrating Gratitude Day, Kazakhstan reveals itself as a hospitable state that has welcomed millions of displaced people in difficult times.

One of the goals of Gratitude Day is to foster friendliness, tolerance, respect for all people on the planet, as well as strengthen interethnic and interethnic relations.

On this holiday, Kazakhstanis express gratitude to the older generation, relatives, friends, colleagues and everyone who helps and supports.

On the initiative of the head teacher of the department Ablenova A.T. and curator of group 402 “Pharmacy” Lauenova S.A. An event was held in which teachers congratulated students of the specialty “Pharmacy” on this wonderful holiday.

The task of the older generation is to instill in young people trusting relationships with peers, to teach them to notice and appreciate the positive in people around them and friends; develop the ability to sympathize and empathize; develop skills of kind behavior and expression of gratitude in everyday life.

The students were moved by the organization of such an event, were satisfied and vowed to adhere to these principles.

On Thanksgiving Day I would like to say,

That this word is worth cherishing for us.

Be more polite, and they will wish you

May health and strength descend upon you.

Give kind words

To everyone – strangers and loved ones.

Give kind words

To make this world beautiful!

Curator of group 402 “Pharmacy” Lauenova S.A.

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