Danger of drugs

Danger of drugs

26.02.2024 Zhorakpaeva M.D. conducted a curated hour with the 1305 stomatology,1121 medicine groups on the topic: Drug couriers.Students studied in more depth one of the global problems of humanity – drug trafficking and couriers of narcotic substances, methods of recognizing them and the real reasons why people become drug couriers, but most importantly, they learned about protective measures when detecting couriers of narcotic substances.

The topic was about drug carriers. Their task is to deliver hermetically sealed medicine to a certain place. The main characteristics of a drug smuggler are that he tries to hide his face, hides in the room of drug scales and packaging materials, remains secret and always encrypted, and talks strangely in “slang” on the phone. You cannot understand that he surfs the Internet only through special programs.

There may be different reasons that motivate people to become drug couriers. One of the main factors is income. But also, the number of young people who enter this field to feel new feelings and experience adventures is increasing. Also, for some carriers, the sense of power and adrenaline associated with involvement in the criminal industry may be attractive. Young people seeking adventure and extreme sensation may be tempted to join drug couriers who are drawn to the dangerous and secretive side of such activities. The maximum penalty for this crime is 15 to 20 years or life in prison. If you encounter carriers, the need to immediately contact law enforcement is very important.

It can be concluded that the students give a good result to the lesson, and the topic is very relevant for our time. In order to prevent this global problem, it is necessary to conduct educational conversations that will prevent the younger generation from illegal entrepreneurship and push them to a brighter future.

Zhorokpayeva M.D.