Religion and society

Religion and society

On March 04, 2024, for 1-2 year students of the Semey Medical University NJSC, specialists from the KSU Center for Religious Studies of the Abay Region gave a lecture on the topic “Religion and Society.”

The purpose of the meeting is to inform students about religion, prevent the risk of joining religious organizations due to illiteracy, and conduct awareness-raising work about the dangers of negative religious movements.

During the meeting, a specialist from the explanatory work department, Kusembekova Asel Muratbekovna, spoke. Extremism and terrorism pose a particular threat to the peace and security of states and society, so young people are urged to avoid deviant tendencies, devote all their time and energy to education and science, and become moral and conscious citizens. She told me that you cannot post prohibited videos on your account, as you may be held accountable for this.

She noted that if you have questions about religion, it is better to search on the official website of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Kazakhstan

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