Action of mercy

Action of mercy

March 02, 2024, teachers of the Department of Physiological Disciplines named after Honored Scientist of the Republic of Kazakhstan T.A. Nazarova  Urazalina N.M., Inozemtseva O.V., Kulyamirova Zh.O., Kanatbekova A.K. with their students 2228, 2223, 2122, 2315 (medicine) and 3404 (pediatrics) curatorial groups held a charity event for the low-income family of Aizhan Sergeevna Tokanova, living at 3/2 Melkombinat Street. The head of a large family is disabled, group 3 – he lost two legs while working.

Funds were raised for this event, food and basic necessities were purchased. The teachers and students of the curatorial groups were greeted with great joy by the mother of 4 children, Aizhan Sergeevna, who expressed sincere gratitude to the teachers and students of the  NJSC “SMU”  for the financial assistance provided to her family. At these moments, each of us experienced a feeling of excitement and boundless compassion. The students had a sense of personal and civic responsibility, mutual assistance and support for those in need.

An action of mercy organized by the Department of Physiological Disciplines named after T.A. Nazarova, allows us to develop professional competencies and moral qualities among students of our university. Teachers and students of curatorial groups will continue to provide moral and material assistance in solving social problems among socially vulnerable groups of the population.

Department of Physiological Disciplines named after T.A. Nazarova.

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