Celebration of Nauryz meirama

Celebration of Nauryz meirama

On 03.13.2024, the Department of Nursing held a festive event dedicated to Nauryz.

Nauryz is a spring festival, a celebration of the New Year for many peoples. The traditions of celebrating this day go back centuries. According to scientists, Nauryz has been celebrated for several thousand years. Nauryz is a holiday of renewal and the beginning of the New Year according to the solar calendar. It is believed that on this day nature wakes up, goodness and grace descend to the earth. Nauryz is a bright and cheerful holiday.

Students of the group: 2105, 2418 «General Medicine», 204 «Dentistry», 101, 201 «Nursing», undergraduates of the 101 group «Nursing» showed the traditions of our people betashar, kudalyk, tos kagystru, syrga salu, arkan tartys.

Organizers: Associate Professor, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Nursing Zhumanbayeva Zh.M.,  assistants of the department Orynbasarova B.A., Ospanova A.T., Bolatova M.B., Kisina R.M., Kudaibergenov R.N., Shagieva D.Sh., Rakhmatullina N.S., Sadykova T.M., Amrenova D.Sh., Sharapieva A.M., Aitmurzinova G.T.


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