The master class “InterProfessional Peer Training ITTP (interprofessional mutual training)”

The master class “InterProfessional Peer Training ITTP (interprofessional mutual training)”

In order to improve the quality of training at the clinical departments of NAO Semey Medical University, a master class titled “Interprofessional Peer Training: ITTP (Interprofessional Mutual Learning)” was held on March 13th, 2024.


  1. Kaskabaeva A. Sh., Candidate of Medical Sciences and Head of the Department of Internal Diseases and Rheumatology
  2. Kozhakhmetova D. K., PhD and Acting Associate Professor at the Department of Internal Diseases and Rheumatology.

The target audience for this event was the faculty members of NAO “Semey Medical University”.

Candidate of Medical Sciences and Head of the Department of Internal Diseases and Rheumatology, Kaskabaeva A. Sh., made a presentation on “Interdisciplinary Approach in Residency: A Case Study of an Integrated Clinical Symposium”. In her presentation, she highlighted the importance of interdisciplinary training and the benefits of an integrated approach to residency. She explained that interdisciplinary training aims to bridge the gap between basic science and clinical practice. It helps to integrate different disciplines into a cohesive whole, providing a more comprehensive understanding of the patient’s condition. This holistic approach allows for a more personalized treatment plan for each individual. Kaskabaeva A. Sh emphasized the significance of this approach in achieving a better understanding of complex diseases and providing more effective treatment options. She stressed the importance of collaboration between different specialists and the need for a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare.In the second part of the master class,

D.K. Kozhakhmetova, PhD and acting associate professor of the Department of Internal Medicine and Rheumatology, presented on InterProfessional Peer Training (IPPT) in clinical education. The goal of this method is to conduct training consultations to analyze specific cases involving students from different specialties. Participants in these consultations are residents from the relevant specialties for each case. Clinical and/or academic experts from the relevant fields may also be involved. The ultimate goal of IPPT is to develop skills in conducting a diagnostic search and selecting treatment regimens that take into account the unique characteristics of each patient, as well as to improve the ability to work with reliable data sources and enhance interprofessional collaboration mechanisms.

At the conclusion of the masterclass, the audience expressed their gratitude to the lecturers and suggested that they would like to see similar masterclasses in the future.

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