Career guidance work of residents in Ust-Kamenogorsk

Career guidance work of residents in Ust-Kamenogorsk

In order to attract students to career guidance activities, on March 13, 2024, an “Open Day” was held by residents of the 2nd year of study in the specialty “Gastroenterology adult, children” of the Department of Internal Medicine and Rheumatology of the SMU with an academic mentor, Professor Zhumadilova Z.K., undergoing training on the basis of the Ust-Kamenogorsk branch.

Residents Keukenova Madina and Paizrakhmanova Saya presented a report “Career guidance for schoolchildren in medicine” for students of Secondary School No. 30 in the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk. The purpose of this event was to give schoolchildren an objective understanding of the healthcare system and medical professions. It was emphasized that no profession can be compared in importance to the profession of a doctor, and there is no task more responsible than the fight for people’s health. It is to doctors that each of us owes our birth, good health and mood. They are the ones who help overcome illnesses in difficult moments and restore hope and joy in life. Therefore, only one who selflessly strives to help people can become a successful specialist. At the end of the presentation, a video about the university was shown and brochures were distributed to everyone.

The residents answered questions in detail and explained to the students how important it is to make an informed choice of their future profession. They told their stories and the reasons why they chose medicine: “Choosing a profession is a difficult and responsible step in a person’s life. Choosing the right profession means choosing your place in life. When we have the opportunity to do what we like, we live with a sense of satisfaction and can be happy!”

The meeting was held within the framework of interesting, informative communication. Schoolchildren got to know the medical profession in detail and received comprehensive answers to their questions, including: How long do you need to study to become a doctor? How to become a surgeon? What are the specialty areas in medicine?

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