Celebration of “Nauryz meiramy” at the Department of General Medicine of Semey

Celebration of “Nauryz meiramy” at the Department of General Medicine of Semey

Speaking on March 15, 2024 at the third meeting of the National Kurultai, the head of state Kasym-Jomart Tokayev spoke about the new format of Nauryz celebration. The President of Kazakhstan added that “Nauryz symbolizes renewal, and it should be celebrated in a new way: meaningful, creative, with the introduction of new distinctive elements. I am sure it will contribute to the consolidation of society, strengthening of our national identity”.

Nauryz meiramy is the holiday of spring renewal in Kazakhstan. Nauryz means “birth of spring”. It is the most important and ancient festival of the Eastern nations. Nauryz (Nauryz meiramy) is not just a celebration of spring, it is a symbol of the beginning of a new life full of goodness and happiness. Nauryz is truly a people’s holiday. With the arrival of the holiday, Kazakhstani people dress in festive clothes, visit each other and exchange congratulations and wishes for prosperity in the coming year. It is believed that the generous celebration of Nauryz will bring abundance and success to the home for the entire year. These beliefs explain the abundance of holiday rituals and customs.

In order to popularize and familiarize interns with national rituals, explain the meaning of customs and traditions, in the framework of the celebration of “Nauryz meiramy” at the Department of General Medicine of Semey NPJSC “MUS”, the staff held an event together with 606 group interns for all students. Some traditions of Kazakh people were shown:

  1. All dressed in clothes in the national style and set the table, where the main dish of the holiday of spring and renewal is “Nauryz kozhe”.
  2. “Syrga salu” – Kazakh people paid special attention to the creation of a family. In our people marriage consists of several stages, and each stage is a separate tradition. In each of them lies a deep meaning. One of such traditions is syrga salu (putting earrings on the bride).
  3. One of the most ancient rites, devoted to children – “Tusau-keser” (Tusau kesu). Ancestors believed that the national “tusau kesu” rite would give the infant health, prosperity and protect it from bad luck.

Asyk atu is one of the oldest games of nomads. According to scientists-ethnographers, it appeared on the territory of Kazakhstan in the first millennium B.C. and is connected with cattle breeding and hunting. There is no age limit for participation in the game: schoolchildren and pensioners can compete for marksmanship.

  1. Dance “Kara zhorga” is a Kazakh folk dance “Buyn bi”, i.e. the dance of joints, which has survived to our days.

Celebration of Nauryz meiramy at the department was very interesting, this holiday harmonized with modernity, preserving ancient customs. Folk treasury gave traditions, rituals, which are honored by the new generation.


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