National Clothes Day

National Clothes Day

03.18.2024 yer students of 1106 group medicine and 1308 group of the dental faculty together with curator A.B. Bukataeva organized a festive event on the eve of the Nauryz holiday on the occasion of “National Clothes Day”.

The national clothing of the Kazakhs has its own characteristics, unlike other peoples, and is adapted to nomadic life. All the beauty of Kazakh clothing lies in its ornaments; each decoration is a unique reflection of the history and thought of our people. Also, Kazakh clothes are simple, have wide edges and sleeves. Therefore, “National Clothes” Day is very important in order to glorify national clothing, which, according to our tradition, has been passed down from generation to generation.

During the event, students of group 1308 read poetry, Sabina Muratkhanova, a student of group 1106 of the Faculty of Medicine, performed “Sekirtpe” by composer Abdulkhamit Raimbergenov on the dombra.


Curator of the Department of General Educational Disciplines Bukataeva A.B.

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