Nauryz meiramy at the Department of General Medical Practice of Semey

Nauryz meiramy at the Department of General Medical Practice of Semey

The holiday of spring renewal Nauryz has a thousand-year history. Now it is celebrated by more than 300 million people in the Turkic world. In Kazakhstan Nauryz is one of the most important national celebrations.

The spring holiday in different countries of the Turkic world has many names – Nauryz, Navruz, Nevruz, Nuruz. In translation from Persian it means “new day”.

During the whole month it is important to maintain a good mood, vigor, positive attitude, a sense of unity with nature and others. Now in Kazakhstan it is a national holiday, which is celebrated by everyone, regardless of nationality and beliefs.

In these days all over the republic hold solemn events dedicated to the bright holiday Nauryz. The department of general medical department of NPJSC MUS was not an exception. 19.03.2024 staff members of the department together with interns of 723 group took part in the organization of a festive concert held on the basis of “Medical and social institution for the elderly and disabled general type of Semey”. Interns in colorful national costumes presented the following numbers: dance “Karazhorga”, songs “Mereke” and “Sedaya noch” in vocal performance Bijumanova Aidana.

This event was prepared and conducted under the guidance of the head of the department, Professor Dyusupova A.A., department staff: Hismetova A.M., Yurkovskaya O.A., Belyaeva T.M., Kamasheva G.T., Terekhova T.I., Faizova R.I., Dzharmukhametova A.S., Akhmetova V.T.

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