Presentation of the Student Scientific Club of the Department of Internal Medicine and Rheumatology

Presentation of the Student Scientific Club of the Department of Internal Medicine and Rheumatology

On March 14, 2024, for the first time in the history of the university, a Student Research Circle Fair was held at the Semey Medical University (“SMU”), NCJSC. The initiators and organizers of the event were students themselves – members of the Student Scientific Society (SSS). The main aim of the Fair was to familiarize students of our university with scientific work on the basis of student scientific clabs (SSC) at clinical and theoretical departments. Sabrina Sattybaeva (Faculty of Medicine, group 4426) was elected as the Chairman of the SSC of the Department of Internal Medicine and Rheumatology in the academic year 2023-2024, who presented the activities of the SSC of our department at the Fair. Together with Goremykina Maiya Valentinovna, responsible for the Department’s SSC, we prepared an information banner and booklets in three languages; we also organized a colorful decoration of our “corner”.

The Department of Internal Diseases and Rheumatology works in three main scientific directions: gastroenterology and hepatology; rheumatology and nephrology. At the same time at the department are actively functioning officially approved Scientific Schools: “School of Rheumatology Professor Ivanova R.L.” (Certificate №0006 from 14.12.2011.), “Scientific Gastroenterological School” (Certificate №14 from 27.02.2020), “Scientific School of Rheumoorthopedics” (Certificate №11 from 27.02.2020).

The annual average number of SSC members is 30-40 students of different levels (Bachelor, Internship, Residency). The work in the SSC is conducted in three main languages: Kazakh, Russian and English.

At the request of students under the guidance of scientific supervisors of our department can be in-depth study and analyze certain issues of diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and rehabilitation of diseases of the joints, gastrointestinal tract and kidneys, including autoimmune genesis.

Every year the students actively participate in scientific and practical conferences, making oral and poster presentations, publishing the results of research in conference materials, thematic scientific medical journals. Many of our students have awards with prizes, diplomas, and certificates.

According to the results of the SSC Fair, the Department of Internal Medicine and Rheumatology was awarded with a Diploma of the Winner and a Certificate of participation in this event.

The department wholeheartedly supports the beginnings and ideas of SSS! The fair is one of the ways to familiarize students of different courses and faculties with the departments representing “SMU”, NCJSC; their scientific achievements, opportunities and prospects!

We invite everyone to active cooperation!



Head of the SSC: Sabrina K. Sattybaeva, OM Faculty, 4426


Responsible for SSC: Maiya V. Goremykina



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