School of Preventive Medicine at the Department of General Medical Practice of Semey City

School of Preventive Medicine at the Department of General Medical Practice of Semey City

Informing trainees and health professionals about the stigmas of discrimination, such as: stereotypes, prejudice, bias and internalized oppression, helps to understand the problems that arise during communication with families, as well as approaches to help manage these risks.  These competencies are particularly relevant for physician interns who are being refined in their communication skills with real patients and their families while performing independent work at the outpatient level.

Within the framework of the School of Preventive Medicine on the discipline “Universal-Progressive Model of Patient Care: Module #13 – Stigmas of Discrimination” another training was held.  The topic of the School’s session focused on barriers to communication when conducting foster care visits to families with young children, specifically stigmas of discrimination. The knowledge gained contributes to a better understanding of interns’ own biases and attitudes towards the families with whom they work, and how these biases can affect their professional role and the lives of young children and their families. Group 608 VOP interns actively participated in the preparation and delivery of the School.

The training included two parts. The first part was devoted to informing about the consequences of prejudice and discrimination, ways to deconstruct prejudice.  During the second part, different situations related to stigmas and approaches to problem solving were discussed.

The School of Preventive Medicine was prepared and conducted under the guidance of the Head of the Department, Prof. Dyusupova A.A., the staff of the Department: Fayizova R.I., Terekhova T.I., Belyaeva T.M., Kamasheva G.T., Yurkovskaya O.A., Hismetova A.M..

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