Curatorial hour dedicated to Nauryz meiramy

Curatorial hour dedicated to Nauryz meiramy

On March 20 at the Department of Propedeutics of Internal Diseases for students 3101 group lecturer, curator G. M. held a curatorial hour on the theme:» Nauryz – a holiday of peace, goodness and unity”.

Congratulating the curator group, he noted that the national holiday in Kazakhstan-Nauryz-historically established holiday spring renewal, symbolizing the life and continuity of this generation.

The curatorial hour consisted of two stages. The first was devoted to the history, traditional aspects of the holiday Nauryz. In other Asian and Muslim countries told about the intricacies of celebrating the holiday.

The presentation shows important aspects of the holiday Nauryz. Nauryz Holiday spring renewal in Kazakhstan is the beginning of spring, renewal of nature, New Year, new life. Nauryz is celebrated on the day of equinox on March 22. “March» means “birth of spring”. This is the most important and ancient festival of peoples of the East. In short, it was the New Year on the ancient Eastern calendar.

In the second stage, a game aimed at consolidating the presentation material was held. Students showed interest, took an active part in the discussion and answers to questions.

During the curatorial hour, the students of the group 3101 received new information for themselves, which helped them learn more about the holiday and how the march is held in other countries. Students actively discussed and asked questions. At the end of the meeting, the students noted that they received positive emotions, they liked the meeting devoted to the holiday of Nauryz, as well as an interesting presentation.

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