Meeting with schoolchildren of the Zharminsky district

Meeting with schoolchildren of the Zharminsky district

03/15/2024, Head of the Admissions Committee and “Medical Foundation” NJSC “Semey Medical University” Toleubaeva K.S. and a teacher of the Department of Molecular Biology and Medical Genetics named after Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan T.K. Raisov Galymbekova D.Zh. To overcome the staffing shortage in the healthcare system, meetings were held with school students in the Zharma district.

University staff presented an image video about the activities and development of Semey Medical University, the enhanced growth of its educational, scientific and innovative potential, and the specialties in which training is provided. Students at the school were thoroughly acquainted with standard universities, signs of the stages of its formation.

Additional materials were also actively used, which were distributed to schoolchildren in the form of leaflets and booklets with information about NJSC “MUS”.

During the presentation, students asked questions that interested them.

The events carried out aroused lively, educational interest among schoolchildren.

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