Nauryz holiday: Kazakh traditions in the university atmosphere

Nauryz holiday: Kazakh traditions in the university atmosphere

On March 19, students of group 4224, with the support of curator Gulbarshyn Myrzakhmetovna and the Department of “Obstetrics and Gynecology named after A.A. Kozbagarov” organized a festive event in honor of the national holiday of Nauryz. Students and teachers set the table and had fun with friends and colleagues.

During the event, games and entertainment were organized, including togyzkumalak, bes asyk and other Kazakh national games. Participants recalled and celebrated the traditions of this important cultural event.

One of the main moments of the celebration was the drinking of Nauryz skin, symbolizing the meeting of spring and the new year. This custom was restored and replicated by students and faculty as a mark of respect for national culture and traditions.

An important element of the festive outfit was the dressing of all students and teachers in Kazakh national clothes, such as kamzol, takiya, sholpy, shekelik. This gave the event a special national mood and allowed everyone to feel the Kazakh culture.

It is also worth noting that during the event there was live music on dombra, which gave the holiday a special atmosphere and allowed everyone to plunge into authentic Kazakh culture.

The event was a wonderful opportunity for students and teachers of the university to celebrate the holiday in a friendly atmosphere, remember and convey ancient customs and traditions to the younger generation.

This holiday Nauryz became special thanks to the joint efforts of students and teachers who were able to create an atmosphere of joy, warmth and mutual understanding.

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