Nauryz is a month of charity

Nauryz is a month of charity

Nauryz is a holiday of goodness and peace. Therefore, on holidays, extending a helping hand and showing kindness to those in need increases the value of Nauryz. Various charity events are held in different parts of the country.

“When you make a donation, you see charity for yourself,” said the wise people. Charity is one of the most virtuous qualities of our people.

In accordance with the plan of the Nauryznamy decade, on March 15, the Ust-Kamenogorsk branch, the Department of General Medical Practice held a week-long charity event.Assistants, interns, residents, doctors and graduates of the department from previous years took part in this charity event.

This charity event was dedicated to the spouse and children left behind by our intern, who died in a car accident in August 2023. If our intern were alive, he would have graduated from university this year. Currently, a spouse who has lost a breadwinner is experiencing financial difficulties.However, she intends to purchase an apartment.We gave him a little financial help so that Onala could raise money to buy a home.The continuation of the charity event does not end there.The collection is also underway on the social network Instagram.We also invite you to make a donation!

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