Nauryz meiramy is a new way – to return to the origins

Nauryz meiramy is a new way – to return to the origins

Nauryz symbolizes renewal and rebirth, prosperity and unity. At this time of the year, day is compared to night, nature awakens. Therefore, from time immemorial, our ancestors attached special importance to this bright spring holiday, calling it “Ulystyn uly kuni”.

On March 19, the Ust-Kamenogorsk branch of the  SMU, NCJSC , the Department of General Medical Practice, celebrated Nauryz meirams on a grand scale as part of the annual tradition. This year, the Nauryz holiday was held in a completely new format.The reason for this was the announcement of the decade of Nauryznam from March 14 to 23 in order to celebrate Nauryz Meirama with dignity. The event dedicated to the celebration of Nauryz Meirama was attended by everyone, from employees of hospital departments to interns of the 6th-7th courses. There were songs, kuis, dances, performances, customs, and poetry readings at the festive concert. There was a competition of Kazakh national dishes and traditions.At the end of the festive concert, the jury awarded the participants the nominations “The most beautiful national clothes”, “the most beautiful national tradition”, “the sweetest Nauryz kozhe”. At the end, the participants and guests of the festival performed the song “Atameken”.

Our people always associate the brightest hopes and expectations with Nauryz. Kazakhstan has entered a new stage of its development. We are confident that the cardinal transformations being carried out will give a powerful impetus to the progress of our country. May all our endeavors be crowned with success!

May Nauryz bring happiness and joy to every home!

We wish you all good health and well-being!

Happy Nauryz Meiramy!

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