Nauryz – spring holiday

Nauryz – spring holiday

Nauryz is the main holiday of the year both among the Kazakhs and many peoples of Asia, celebrated for more than five thousand years. This is a holiday of spring, renewal of nature, the beginning of a new year, a new life. Nauryz is celebrated on March 22, the day of the spring equinox. On this day, the celestial bodies: constellations and stars, after a yearly cycle, come to the points of their initial stay and begin a new path.

On March 19, 2024, the celebration of the Nauryz holiday took place, organized by the teaching staff of the Department of Molecular Biology and Medical Genetics named after. аcademician of NAS RK T.K. Raisov, which was accompanied by eating traditional dishes and a performance of national dances, songs, and traditions, where students of local and foreign tutor groups of the department’s teaching staff participated. All students were in bright national costumes. A table was set with Kazakh, Indian and Pakistani national dishes.

Among the foreign groups, groups 1503, 1504, 1505 of the specialty “General Medicine” took part. The tutor of groups 1504 and 1505 is Kulzhebaeva Sabina. 1504 group students: Gusain Sameer Singh and Harsh Pandey performed a song in Hindi. Students of group 1505: Mohd Sohil, Sharma Abhishek, Singh Ronit Kumar, Anfal Hameed, Asif Muhammad, Diwyansh performed a dance. The students also prepared their national dishes for the general interethnic dastarkhan. Students of groups 1504 and 1505 Ali Mantasha, Verma Shubham, Khan Aqsa Ashraf, Asif Muhammad demonstrated their national costumes. Such events help students build friendships, exchange cultural experiences, and express their creativity.

It was very fun and interesting, we thank our tutor groups for their participation.

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