“Guidance of schoolchildren into medicine”

“Guidance of schoolchildren into medicine”

At the Department of Internal Medicine and Rheumatology of the SMU continues career guidance work carried out by residents of the 2nd year of training in the speciality “Gastroenterology adult, child” under the guidance of academic mentor Professor Z.K. Zhumadilova.

Resident Muzdubaev Daulet Kairatovich presented a report “Career guidance of schoolchildren in medicine” for students of the Specialised Lyceum “Bilim Innovation”. The purpose of this event was to give schoolchildren an objective idea of the health care system and medical professions. It was emphasised that no profession is comparable in importance to that of a doctor and there is no job more responsible than fighting for people’s health. The doctor’s profession is still relevant and requires professionalism in many areas. A modern doctor is not only a professional in his own field, but also a sensitive psychologist and a bearer of ethical ideals.

The speaker answered the questions in detail and explained to the pupils how important it is to make a conscious choice of their future profession. He told his own story of choosing medicine.

The meeting was held in an interesting and informative atmosphere. The pupils learnt in detail about the profession of a doctor and received comprehensive answers to their questions.

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