Nauryz Holiday

Nauryz Holiday

Nauryz is one of the oldest holidays on earth. It has been celebrated for more than five thousand years as a holiday of spring and renewal of nature.

Nauryz in Kazakhstan symbolises fertility, friendship and love. On this day people dress up, go to visit their relatives and friends and do not stop good wishes. For eastern peoples Nauryz is the same as the New Year, because both holidays are considered heralds of new life. Even the name of the holiday Nauryz in Persian means nothing but “new day”.

In honour of the holiday on March 19, teachers of the Department of General Education disciplines T.A. Muzdybaeva, L.K. Sadykova, N.D. Amanbekova and T.U. Dzhakipova, M.S. Ibraemova, R.J. Ekibaev, together with curatorial groups organised a festive event.

The staff of the Schools of Public Health, Dentistry, Pharmacology and Nursing took part in the celebration, expressing warm wishes, they became guests of honour at the festive feast.

The students of the curatorial groups traditionally prepared national dishes, sang traditional songs and cues, and created a festive atmosphere.

Nauriz has been considered a time of change for Kazakhs since ancient times, so they started to prepare for the holiday several weeks in advance. On the eve of Nauryz they tried to forgive all offences and leave everything unpleasant in the past year, put their houses in order, prepared bright festive outfits in advance. A rich dastarkhan was laid on the day of the holiday: it was believed that the generous celebration of Nauryz would bring abundance and success to the house in the coming year. The presence of the number “7” during the celebration was obligatory – it symbolised the 7 days of the week, the time units of the infinite universe.

Ūlys oñ bolsyn! Aq mol bolsyn!

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