International round table on scientific and clinical cooperation

International round table on scientific and clinical cooperation

On March 11, 2024, a round table “Osteopathy as a new scientific direction in international cooperation” was held at the university under the chairmanship of the rector of the SMU NCJSC, d.m.s, professor A.A. Dyusupov. This round table was held within the framework of the Memorandum of Scientific and Clinical Cooperation concluded in August 2023 between our university and the V.L. Andrianov Institute of Osteopathic Medicine (IOM) in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation.

The Director of the Institute of Osteopathic Medicine, d.m.s., professor I. A. Egorova and the Institute’s teacher A. V. Dupin took part directly via online video conference. Also, a special guest of the round table was our fellow countryman, a graduate of our institute, d.m.s., professor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, head of scientific research at the Institute of Medical Education of Yaroslav the Wise the Veliky Novgorod State University (Veliky Novgorod, Russian Federation) V.R. Weber.

The event was attended by the Vice-Rector for Science and Strategic Development of SMU NCJSC, PhD Omarov N.B., employees of the research department, as well as representatives of all clinical departments of our university.

The main goal of the round table was to determine the main areas of scientific and clinical cooperation in medical areas between our universities.

IOM representatives presented a presentation on the history of the institute and osteopathic medicine in general, as well as scientific research that the institute conducts directly and in the world. The main directions of possible scientific and clinical cooperation in many clinical areas have been identified.

The reports and information presented were received with great interest by the staff of our university, since osteopathic medicine in our country is at the initial stage of its development and opens up wide opportunities for joint use in the diagnosis and treatment of patients, improving immediate and long-term results.

The final result of the round table was the decision to develop joint topics and directions in scientific research, startups, and grants.