Excursion into history: the museum «Alash Arystary – Mukhtar Auyezov»

Excursion into history: the museum «Alash Arystary – Mukhtar Auyezov»

On March 27, 2024, under the leadership of the head of the cycle of the military department of the Semey Medical University, NCJSC, a teacher, lieutenant colonel of the reserve medical service Smailov N.S. and students of the 3404 group, an excursion through the pages of the history of the Kazakh people was conducted in the museum «Alash Arystary – Mukhtar Auyezov».

This tour opened my eyes to many new facts and events that played a key role in the formation of the nation.

The students got acquainted with the political figures of that time, learned about their struggle for independence and self-determination of the Kazakh people, plunged into the rich past and culture of our ancestors.

Great personalities such as Mukhtar Auyezov have become a source of inspiration and pride for our past.

The excursion to the museum not only broadened their horizons, but also aroused in them a deep interest in the history and culture of our country.

We are grateful to our teacher Nurbek Sadenovich for this unique experience, and we hope for new journeys in the world of knowledge and discoveries!

                                 Students of the 3404 group of the military department

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