School of Preventive Medicine at the Department of General Medical Practice of Semey

The first year of a child’s life is characterized by intensive growth and development and is the most critical period of life. Rational nutrition of a child of 1 year of age is the basis for the formation of health in childhood and in later life. Unbalanced nutrition of young children is considered a risk factor in the emergence of allergic, endocrine, hematological, gastroenterological diseases, atherosclerosis, coronary, hypertensive disease.
Informing about the organization of exclusive breastfeeding and the principles of complementary feeding within the framework of the Universal Progressive Model of Patronage is an important component of the work of family physicians and pediatricians, which makes it possible to identify problems in the organization of a balanced diet for young children in a timely manner and to provide the necessary counselling. This knowledge and competencies are also useful for the general practichioner-interns, many of whom already have life experience as parents by 6-7 years of study.
In the format of the School of Preventive Medicine on the topic “Module 3.1 – “Breastfeeding” and Module 3.2 – “Feeding” another training was held. The session of the School was devoted to current problems in the organization of nutrition of young children.
Interns of the 608 group took an active part in the preparation and organization of the School.
The training included two parts. The first part was devoted to the basic principles of organization of early childhood nutrition. During the second part there was a feedback in the form of a quiz “Jeopardy”, in which the trainees took part.
School of Preventive Medicine was prepared and conducted under the guidance of the head of the department, Professor Dyusupova A.A., the staff of the department: Faizova R.I., Terekhova T.I., Hismetova A.M., Belyaeva T.M., Kamasheva G.T., Yurkovskaya O.A.

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