Visit to the regional Abai Museum

Visit to the regional Abai Museum

April 6, 2024 curator of group 2228, associate professor Urazalina N.M., curator of foreign group 3658 acting. associate professor Kozykenova Zh.U., curator of group 2315, senior teacher Kulyamirova Zh.O., curator of groups 2122, 2223, teacher, master of medicine Inozemtseva O.V. and curator of group 3404 of the specialty “Pediatrics”, foreign group 3129, teacher, master of medicine Kanatbekova A.K. of the Department of Physiological disciplines named after the honored scientist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Professor T.A. Nazarova visited the Abai Museum in Semey.

The State Historical, Cultural and Literary Memorial Museum of Abai is a cultural institution and is one of the cultural centers of the city of Semey. The museum is engaged in the study, preservation of historical and cultural artifacts, promotion of the life and work of Abai, his era, poetic environment and poetic heritage. The total number of museum objects in the Abai Museum-Reserve are located in 11 thematic halls. “Abai. Seasons”, “Melody of the Steppe”, “Abai’s Childhood”, “The Formation of a Poet”, “Abai’s Creativity”, “Abai’s Poetry School”, “Abai’s Family”, “Words of Edification”, “Abai’s Legacy”, “Multimedia Hall”, “Children’s room”. The museum presents archival materials related to the life of Abai, various documents, objects reflecting the ethnographic life of the Kazakh people, works of handicraft and fine art, handwritten heritage of poets who lived during that period, photographs, rare books, etc. The items donated by Abai represent life, culture, art of the nomadic people. The variety of exhibits indicates that Abai systematically collected objects, approaching a comprehensive presentation of the ethnography of the Kazakh people from a scientific point of view.

Students of different nationalities, studying in 3 languages, together with group curators studied the museum’s exhibitions. A visit to the Abai Museum left an indelible impression on all of us!

Department of physiological disciplines named after honored scientist of the republic of Kazakhstan, professor T.A. Nazarova.

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