Semey Medical University, Non-Commercial Joint-Stock Company

Address: 071400, Abay Region, Semey, 103 Abay Kunanbayev St.

Reception phone: 8 (7222) 52-22-51

Office phone: 8 (7222) 56-42-09, fax: 8 (7222) 56-97-55

Admission committee phone: 8 (7222) 32-61-80


Requisites of Semey Medical University, NCJSC

BIN: 190240004938

IIC: KZ476010261000059961


Bank: Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan, JSC, Semey

Purpose of payment: КБе 16 КНП 861

Beneficiary: Chairman of the Board – Rector: Altay A. Dyussupov

Requisites of the Association of Alumni of the SSMA "Alma Mater"

Association of Alumni of SSMA “Alma Mater”, NGO

BIN: 071040015220

IIC: KZ258560000000426343

Bank: Bank Center Credit, JSC

Purpose of payment: КБе 18 КНП 119