Group of Experts was established in 2008. It includes the most active and competent employees with rich teaching and life experience (Honored Professors R.L. Ivanova – Chair, L.A. Mukovozova – Secretary. Council Members S.O. Tapbergenov, M.M. Urazalin, T.B. Tuleutayev, F.M. Ashimova and G.Z. Kailyubayeva).

The main goal of the Group of Experts is to provide assistance to the management in solving questions of present interest, regarding all kinds of activities of the university.

Members of the Group of Experts permanently participate in the work of the Selection Board, and Academic Council, as well as scientific, academic, therapeutic and educational activities of the university.

Group of Experts makes recommendations for improving the quality of students and employees’ life.

Rector regularly holds meetings with the Group of Experts, where all above-mentioned questions are discussed.