History of Semey Medical University began on September 1, 1953 with the opening of medical faculty, who were enrolled  the first 320 students. All the years of the existence of high school graduates  began  more  than  25 thousand people  who  are  working  successfully in Kazakhstan  and  abroad.  Including  3  of academician, deputies of the Parliament of Kazakhstan,  6  people  worked  rectors of medical  schools,  14  heads  of regional health departments and other prominent figures of science and practice.

Over  the  past  few  years  to  improve the organization of the educational process developed a scientific medical potential, stronger material and technical base. University became known in the country and the world, is developing   intensively. Since 2009, it was granted the status of University.  Now  it  is  a multi-Medical University, educational and cultural center in the East Kazakhstan and Pavlodar regions.

In  order  to  achieve  high  goals  at the University employs more than 1,500 professors, teachers, staff and  physicians. Every  year  more  than  600  students  are students  of University, the total number of students  exceeds  4,000. The   university foreign students from India, Pakistan, China, Mongolia, and Russia.

Brief History of the University

On September 2, 1953, by the order No. 22611-R of the USSR Ministry of Health, based on the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of USSR, the medical institute was opened in the center of Semipalatinsk region of Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic.

1953 – First 320 students were enrolled in the university. In the first years of opening, there were only 10 departments in the Institute: Foundations of Marxism-Leninism, Biology, Anatomy, Histology, Inorganic Chemistry, Physics, Foreign Languages, Latin, Physical Education, Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry.

1953 – Honored Doctor of Kazakh SSR Vasiliy Sergeevich Bobov was appointed as the Director of the Institute.

1956 – Kozhakhmet Chuvakovich Chuvakov became the Rector of the Institute.

1957 – By the decision of the Ministry of higher and secondary education of USSR, the university was designated as the II (second) category university.

1959 – first class of the university. 275 were awarded medical diplomas.

1960 – T.K. Raisov, B. Zhumabayev, Zh. Bazarbekov, A. Korpeshov, G. Kanafyanov and other students established youth theatre “Zhas Dauren” under the auspices of Beken Zhumanov.

1963 – Honored scientist of Kazakh SSR, Professor T.A. Nazarova was appointed as the Rector of the university.

1963 – Pediatrics faculty was opened. Assistant Professor I. Tureckiy was the first dean of the faculty.

1964 – The main building of the university and 400-beds dormitory #4 were put into service.

1971 – Primary specialization after the 6 years of study (internship) was introduced.

1974 – Associated Professor Dmitriy Vasilyevich Usov was appointed as the Rector of the University.

1976 – Due to the huge number of scientific activities, interdepartmental experimental laboratory was created at the university. E.N. Shatskiy was the first head of the laboratory.

1976 – By the initiative of Vice-rector for scientific work B.H. Khabizhanov, Patent Office was established.

1976 – Honored Worker of Kazakh SSR, Professor Nikolay Arkhipovich Hlopov became the Rector of the Institute.

1982 – M. Mametova museum was opened under the auspices of the Assistant Professor of the Department of CP USSR Anna Ptuschenko.

1984 – professional development faculty was opened in Pavlodar.

1985 – Professor Evgeniy Stepanovich Belozerov was appointed as the Rector of the Institute.

1986 – Primary veterans organization of Semey State Medical University was established.

1987 – NAS RK Academician, Honored Worker of Science and Technics of RK, Professor Tolegen Kazenovich Raissov became the Rector of the Institute.

1993 – 156-flats house was built for university’s staff. In 1998-2001, divisions, services and departments were computerized. 4 IT rooms were opened, including 1 room with 33 computers with Internet access.

1993 – First scientific-practical conference “Ecology. Radiation. Health” was held. The main
topic of the conference was “Health of population living in radiation regions”.

1998 – For the first time in Kazakhstan, training of foreign students in English was started. Students from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sudan have the possibility to study in English at Semey State Medical University.

1998 – Regional hospital became the part of the university and its own clinical site (multi- field hospital with 510 beds, dental clinic, training family hospital).

1999 – Republican magazine “Family doctor” and newspaper “Medicine for Everyone” were issued.

2001 – Doctor Habilitated, Professor Murat Koishibayevich became the Rector.

2001 – First Biology Olympics was held for the secondary school students of the city and regions.

2003 – Two specialties “Medical-preventive work” and “Pharmacy” were licensed.

2005 – First certification of quality management system by SGS “Medeu consulting” certification agency (Kazakhstan) (certificate # СН05/0671).

2007 – NAS RK Corresponding Member, Doctor Habilitated, Professor Tolebay Kosiyabekovich Rakhypbekov became the Rector of the University.

2007 – New specialties “Nursing”, “Public Health” and “General Medicine” were introduced.

2007 – Office of the Registrar, Teaching and Methodical Center and Teaching and Clinical Center were established.

2008 – The work on international registration of “Science and Healthcare” journal was started.

2009 – Certification agency “Total Quality Certification Services International” (KAZAKHSTAN) approved the compliance of quality management system of the university with the requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2008 and issued the certificate №KZ172- QC.

2009 – Within the frameworks of the program “Development of higher education by using innovation technologies” 10 teachers studied abroad. During that period, 3 simulation rooms (in medical center, emergency hospital and maternity clinic #2) were opened to improve practical skills.

2009 – Robot-simulator for improving clinical skills was purchased. That was the first robot- simulator of this sort in CIS countries.

2009 – The university was ranked 1st in the field of implementation of science development and reforming concept in Kazakhstan.

2010 – Bologna Declaration was signed by the rector Tolebay Rakhypbekov.

2011 – At the VI Summer Universiade of Kazakhstan, SMU of Semey was among 10 top-ranks among 85 HEIs and was ranked 1stamong medical universities.

2011 – The university introduced Excellence Model by European Foundation Quality Management.

2011 – Department of Pathological Anatomy and Forensic Medicine was provided the name of Professor Y.V. Pruglo. Best student of the Department is annually awarded the signed scholarship. Doctor Habilitated, Professor K.N. Mukanov is the sponsor of the scholarship.

2012 – The university was awarded the certificate “Committed to excellence” by EFQM.

2012 – First 349 graduates of general medicine faculty. First 48 graduates of “public health” specialty finished their study. Public health groups with English language as the medium of study were opened.

2012 – “Ardager” club was established under the veterans organization. Members of Ardager club organize meetings of students with the participants of the GPW, famous public and cultural workers of the city, provide social support to poor persons, consulting assistance to students and take part in public life of the university.

2012 – Monographs were issued in the foreign publications for the first time: “Financial management in healthcare” (T. Rakhypbekov), “Adrenal thyroid system and low-dose radiation influence on the organism” (S. Tapbergenov), “Ethnic features of cerebral stroke” (T. Khaibullin).
“Medical education and professional development” (Special edition, The journal of Russian medical teachers).

2012 – For the first time in Kazakhstan, the university was awarded the certificate within 10th Congress of Asian Network Quality.

2012 – 30th anniversary of M. Mametova Museum.

2012 – After introducing EFQM model, it was integrated with existing quality management system.

2012 – The university was awarded by Asian Education Leadership Awards in nomination “The Best Medical Educational Institution”, Dubai, UAE.

2012 – Delegation Mayors for Peace visited Teaching and Clinical Center.

2013 – LLP “Certification Center Inter Cert” audited the university, based on the results of which it was awarded the certificate № KZ.7500207.07.03.00077 of 25.06.2013.

2013 – After analyzing validation report, the university achieved 4-star level of EFQM Excellence Model.

2013 – Cardiac surgery department and endovascular laboratory were opened at the Medical Center for the first time in Semey ever. Open-heart surgery, coronary angiography and stenting were performed independently for the first time. Cooperation agreement was signed between Semey State Medical University and Scientific cardiac surgery center of Astana.

2013 – First republican aytys was held under the auspices of “Zhyrdaua”.

2013 – At the VII Summer Universiade, the university was among 5 top-ranks among 135 HEIs, 35 of which have physical education faculties. SMU of Semey was also ranked 1st among medical higher education institutions. SMU of Semey was awarded the diploma, medal and the cup of ME RK following the results of the Universiade.

2013 – 60th anniversary of Semey State Medical University.

2013 – According to the State republican ranking program for awarding leading entities in the field of Kazakhstan economics “Kazakhstan Leader 2013” in nominations “Assets and liabilities index”, “Profitability index” and “Liquidity index”, the university was ranked 3rd among all Kazakhstan universities in and 1st among medical universities of the country (2011-2012).

2013 – Ust Kamenogorsk branch of the University was established.

2013-2014 – EKR Wrestlers Aibek Nugumanov and Muhit Tursynov won the republican tournament “Kazak Barysy 2013” and “Kazakhstan Barysy 2014”.

2013-2014 – Semey State Medical University was ranked 2nd (bachelor programs) by the Republican rankings of the Independent Kazakhstan Agency for Quality Assurance in Education.

2014 – Teacher of the department of physical education of Semey State Medical University Muhit Tursynov became the winner of the Republican tournament “Kazakhstan Barysy”.

2014 – The university was included in the list of the best universities of CIS countries by the principal member of IREG Observatory, International ranking agency “Expert RA”.

2014 – Semey State Medical University was accredited for a period of 5 years.

2014 – Institutional National Accreditation by the National Agency for Accreditation and Rating.

2014 – The university entered to the “Republican inter-university electronic library” (http://lib.kazrena.kz). The contract for creation of electronic library with database full-text resource “Springer Link” and Web of Knowledge (Thomson Reuters) was signed.

2014 – The university was accredited for 5 years by the Institutional National Accreditation Committee at the National Agency of Accreditation and Rankings.

2015 – The university has 5 grants for 2015-2017 financed by the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (total amount: 87 000 000 tenge).

2015 – Project “Advance of Science and Healthcare journal to the world rating citation bases, including Scopus”. Journal “Science and Healthcare” was included in the list of Russian Science Citation Index, e-library, Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory, international database Global Health, CAB Abstracts.

2015 – The University became a member Association of Indian Universities.

2015 – Specialized National Accreditation of 5 bachelor programs, 7 residency, 4 master’s degree and 2 PhD programs by the National Kazakh Agency for quality assurance in education.

2015 – International science-practical conference “20th anniversary of family medicine in Kazakhstan”.

2016 – Department of pharmacology and evidence-based medicine was assigned the name of the Professor M.N. Mussin.

2016 – Astana room with students’ and teacher’s interactive desk was opened.

2016 – Training simulator for mastering cardiopulmonary resuscitation skills was purchased.

2016 – 30th anniversary of M. Mametova museum.

2016 – Seminar by Vidjay Kumar FRCS, MRCGP, DLS (Great Britain) within the International scientific-practical conference of young scientists “Science and health”.

2016 – Cooperation agreement with Saint Louis University was signed.

2016 – International accreditation of 9 educational programs.

2016 – master-class “Innovative diagnostic and treatment techniques in traumatology and orthopedics” by Professor D. Kuldjanov.

2016 – Visit of expert group from Saint Louis University (USA) – strategic partner of SMU.

2016 – Visit of Canadian Ambassador to Kazakhstan sir Shawn Steil.

2016 – Flashmob: “We are for nuclear-free world”.

2016 – First International scientific-practical conference: «Жастар арасында салауатты өмір салтын насихаттау және жоғары дәрежедегі спортшыларды дайындаудың қалыптастырудың ғылыми-тәжирібелік аспектілері» dedicated to 70th anniversary of Professor A.K. Kulnazarov.

2016 – Visit of Swedish Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador to Kazakhstan sir Christian Kamill.

2016 – the university was ranked 2nd in “Kazakh kuresy” tournament.

2016 – for the first time in Kazakhstan, Congress of parents was held at Semey Medical University.

2016 – First Academic Mobility of SSMU students in Barcelona.

2017 – Trilateral agreement between Semey State Medical University, Regional oncologic dispensary and Emergency hospital was signed.

2017 – First chemistry Olympics in SSMU for pupils from Semey and regions.

2017 – Doctor Habilitated, Professor Yersin Tursynkhanovich Zhunussov was appointed as the Rector of Semey State Medical University.

2017 – First independent admission of Indian applicants.

2017 – Visit of UN delegation disarmament programme.

2017 – Department of biochemistry and chemical disciplines was named after Professor Salavat Orazovich Tapbergenov.

2017 – Our students were included in the list of deputies of the youth maslikhat of Semey.

2017 – Ust Kamenogorsk branch and Hospital of Semey Medical University were established.

2017 – Cooperation agreement between Louis University hospital, Pavlodar branch of SMU and HA of Pavlodar region was signed.

2017 – Academic mobility of students in Vilnius University.

2017 – Cooperation agreement between Asfendiyarov Kazakh national medical university and Semey State Medical University was signed.

2017 – Cooperation agreement with Karaganda State Medical University was signed.

2017 – Training of SSMU faculty members (academic mobility) at Saint Louis University Hospital within strategic partnership.

2017 – for the first time in the Republic of Kazakhstan, within the framework of “Densaulyk” State Healthcare Development Program for 2016-2019, multidisciplinary teams visited Tarbagatay, Boroduliha, Abay, Beskaragay, Urzhar, Kokpekti districts and such cities as Kurchatov, Ridder.

2017 – SSMU teachers’ and physicians’ on-site visits to the regions for population examination.

2017 – Multi-disciplinary groups’ on-site visits to Tarbagatai, Boroduliha, Abay and Beskaragai regions.

2017 – New structural units were established: Internal Audit Service (for the first time among Kazakhstan universities), Public Affairs Office, State Procurements Office, Strategic Development Office, Academic Mobility and International Relations Office, PR and Marketing Office, Accounting Office, Planning and Economic Analysis Office.

2017 – First students were enrolled in Medical Foundation preparation department. English, Biology and Chemistry are taught for potential applicants of our university, as well as faculty members and students.

2017 – 39 faculty members attended refresher courses abroad.

2018 – Memorandums of Cooperation were signed with Nazarbayev Mathematics and Physics School of Semey and Kazakh Humanitarian and Legal Innovative University.

2018 – Memorandum of Strategic Cooperation was signed between Semey State Medical University and Baskent University (Turkey).

2018 – Anticorruption policy of Semey State Medical University was recognized exemplary in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

2018 – 200 fir trees were planted within Ruhani Zhangyru program.

2018 – The university was included in the top 3 medical universities according to the Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating.

2018 – The university was included in the top 20 higher education institutions according to the Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating.

2018 – 2nd place in the ranking result of Independent Agency for Quality Assurance in Education.

2018 – 1st place in the nomination “Leader of Educating Students” according to the results of Independent Agency for Quality Assurance in Education.

2018 – In October 2018, Semey Medical University celebrated its 65th anniversary. In honor of the anniversary, scientific and practical conference with international participation “Modern innovative methods in modernization of medical education, science and practice” was organized.

2019 – On February 5, the university was transformed into the Semey Medical University, Non-Commercial Joint-Stock Company.

2019 – Development of an educational program in the specialty “General Medicine” within the framework of a strategic partnership with the Bashkent University.

2019 – Professor Fazil Serdar Gurel was appointed to the position of First Deputy Chairman of the Board (Provost).

2019 – a memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Semey Medical University, NCJSC and the Akimat of the Semey city, Abai Region.

2020 – “Best Medical University” according to the National Rating of the Best Universities of Kazakhstan in 2020.

2021 – angiosurgeon of the highest category, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Altay Akhmetkaliyevich Dyussupov was appointed rector of the University.

2022 – new educational residency programs are being introduced: “Adult and pediatric Otorhinolaryngology”, “Neurosurgery”, “Nephrology”, “Clinical laboratory diagnostics”, “Pediatric Dentistry”, “Sports Medicine”.

2022 – an agreement on strategic partnership was signed between SMU, NCJSC and Pirogov RNRMU.

2022 – a cooperation agreement was signed with Kazan State Medical University.

2022 – the university has allocated 6 internal grants (startup) for scientific research for teaching staff and students.

2022 – 29 competitive applications were submitted for grant financing, 4 projects worth 250,371,502.22 tenge were approved.

2022 – A Memorandum of cooperation was signed between SMU, NCJSC and D. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan Technical University, NCJSC.

2022 – the First International MED-Congress “Man and Health. Multidisciplinary approach in medicine”.

2022 – the Salamatty Auyl improvement project is in operation.

2022 – according to the results of the National Rating of the leading universities of Kazakhstan according to the “Independent Agency for Quality Assurance in Education – Rating” SMU, NCJSC took the honorable 1st place among medical universities.

2022 – according to the results of the national award “ALTYN SHIPAGER”, SMU, NCJSC is recognized as one of the best medical universities in the country.

2023 – a conference dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the introduction of English-language education at Semey Medical University “Achievements and prospects of medical education in Kazakhstan in the international system of education” was held.

2023 – signing of memoranda on strategic cooperation between Semey Medical University, NCJSC (Kazakhstan) and DPU University (India), as well as Max Heathcare Institute Limited (India).

2023 – opening of a dental clinic.

2023 – opening of the “Professorial Clinic”.

2023 – the 70th anniversary of the University.

2023 – the 30th anniversary of the international conference “Ecology. Radiation. Health”.