In addition to providing educational services, SMU widely involves students in the cultural life of the University and the city. Active work is carried out by the Department of youth policy (DYP), the main purpose of which is to protect the interests of the student. The DYP carries out its activities in the field of teaching and education, living conditions, culture and sports. Various social, cultural events and international holidays and fests are celebrated here. Competitions for the award of the title of the best student, the best group of the University, as well as Mr. and Miss University are held every year.


Often the departments organize subject Olympiads – mainly in Molecular biology, Biochemistry, Anatomy, Histology, Pathological physiology, etc. Winners and participants are awarded with various diplomas, letters of thanks and prizes. Such competitions allow not only to identify the best students in a particular field of science, but also to master more knowledge and skills in these subjects.


Fruitful work is carried out in the bodies of amateur university activities. Currently, students perform in the ensemble of folk instruments, vocal instruments, dance ensemble and choir.


Much attention is focused on the sports life of students and a healthy lifestyle. SMU is fully involved in the project “Healthy universities”. Currently, the University has its own equipped halls: dance hall, fencing hall, table tennis and others. Students play basketball, volleyball, fencing, table tennis and skiing sections.


Another interesting hobby of foreign students is the Annual cricket championship, held in the courtyard of the University in April-May. Cricket is very popular among students from India and Pakistan and has an unspoken name “gentlemen’s game”.