Announcement 102

Greetings from the 2015 Borneo Youth Leadership Conference Team,We hope that you have received our invitation to this year’s Borneo Youth Leadership Conference (BYLC), and are considering participating in this one of a kind event.(……further)

Announcement 89

We would like to invite you to the Multicultural Summer Language School program in Girne American University! Date of the registration for the GAU Multicultural Summer School starts from the 15th of June and ends on the 10th September 2015

Announcement 84

Spring time!!! The spring sun is bright and warm. The whole world is awake. It is the life time!!! It’s time for joyful. But…it’s not as good as it seems. Many people have the blue in spring. Everybody may afford to feel sad sometimes.

Announcement 79 Repository of important publications manually collected. Database with subject heading list:53 branches/600 sources/9 federal disrtricts of RF/235 countries and jurisdictions/main materials/articles and interviews of 8000 chief executives