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My name is Hemant Jinger. I am BH from 2008. I completed my degree in 2013. Right now I am doing residentship in Subdilan hospital. Right now I am preparing for postgraduate examination. I am very happy to be part of Semey State Medical University. I miss those days when I studied at SSMU. All faculties are very good there. And they supported us. My second home is Semey. And I really missed those days that I spent in Semey State Medical University.

Hemant JingerResident in Subdilan hospital

I have completed my MD physician course in Semey State Medical Academy in 2008. Then I came to India and pass the MSA exam. After that I worked for some time in local hospitals. Later I did MBA in Health and Hospital administration. I was always interested in the administrative side of medical business. As soon as I got my undergraduate degree I wanted to explore that field. So I completed my course and started working full-time in the administration only. I was a strategic business unit for medical program of medicine and endocrinology. Later I was promoted to facility director. I worked there for a year. Then I switched my line completely. Now I am working in medical tourism. I am facilitating the income of patients from different parts of the world.
All the knowledge, all the exploration came from Semey. Semey became my second home. Whatever I learned from that time I still remember. That is a special place for my career that I studied there. It was a really nice experience studying there. Everyone there was friendly and warm to us. You could really feel like it is your second home. Everyone was really taking good care of us there. Education we were given there was the best also. My friends from the same university are in different parts of the world now. It is very easy to be in touch with them. Some of them are in the US, Middle East, India, Pakistan. Thank you Semey Medical University for making what we are.

Dr. Murtaza Habib