Internship is a form of training students in clinical specialties within the framework of basic higher medical education for admission to clinical practice.

Requirements for applicants

The internship is accepted by persons who have a diploma of graduation in the specialties “General Medicine”, “Pediatrics”, “Dentistry”.

Persons entering the internship submit an application from August 3 to August 15 of this year to the admission committee and through the information system of the university.

To do this, on the website of SMU, NCJSC you need to click on the link “Admission” → “Submit an application”, register, confirm email, and fill out the application form that opens with the mandatory attachment of document scans or follow this link.

The documents are presented personally by the applicant or by the applicant’s representative under a notarized power of attorney.

The documents are submitted to the admissions committee.


Admission Committee

Address: 071400 Abay region, Semey city,

103 Abay Kunanbayev St.

Phone: 8 (7222) 32-61-80



On the issues of admission to internship from other medical universities:

School of Postgraduate and Additional Education

Phone: 8 (7222) 56-42-07 (internal – 1021)


After online registration, you must provide a list of documents according to the list:

  1. Application for admission to internship
  2. A copy of the identity card (2 pcs.)
  3. Diploma (original)+copy
  4. Appendix in 3 languages (1 notarized copy)
  5. Photo 3×4 (6 pcs)
  6. Consent (for students on a grant)
  7. Commitment (for students on a grant)
  8. Contract
  9. Marriage certificate, child’s birth certificate (if available)
  10. Binder with ties
  11. A5 envelope

Educational programs

BM086 – “Medicine”Profile programs for practical healthcare personnel (1 year)
BM087 – DentistryProfile programs for practical healthcare personnel (1 year)
BM088 – PediatricsProfile programs for practical healthcare personnel (1 year)
BM089 – “Medical and preventive care”Profile programs for practical healthcare personnel (1 year)
General Practitioner

Attached documents

Application sample
Commitment to work out
Consent to the collection and processing of personal data
Instructions for registration of applications for admission to the internship