Strengthening Network Education, Research and Innovation in Environmental Health in Asia

TUTORIAL is the project implemented under ERASMUS+ programme. The project’s aim is to strengthen research capacity in the field of environmental health (public health) and to contribute to information sharing and capacity building between higher education institutions of European Union and Central Asia.

Specific goals:

  • to improve professional competencies of the faculty in the field of environment, health safety and public health;
  • to improve existing Master’s degree and PhD programmes;
  • to develop new Master’s degree programme;
  • to master and introduce new teaching methods;
  • to create e-laboratories;
  • to create e-learning systems;


  • Educational programme in Medical-preventive work focused on ecological bases will be modernized;
  • Educational programme in Public health will be modernized;
  • Master’s degree course graduates of MPW with great scientific competencies will be trained;
  • Public health specialists meeting the requests of the labour market of Kazakhstan will be trained;
  • Professional development distance cycles will be made for physicians.

Participants from 5 educational and research institutes of EU and 10 countries of the Central and South Asia:

  1. University of Milan, Italy                                 
  2. University of Tartu, Estonia
  3. Technical University Berlin, Germany
  4. Learning Foundation and Developing
  5. Occupational Health, Netherland
  6. EMC Space Technologies GmbH, Germany
  7. International school of medicine, Kyrgyzstan
  8. Osh State University, Kyrgyzstan
  9. NGO “Taasir-Impact”, Kyrgyzstan
  10. Kazakh National Medical University, Kazakhstan
  11. Karaganda State Medical University, Kazakhstan
  12. Semey medical University, Kazakhstan
  13. Avicenna Tajik State Medical University, Tajikistan
  14. Khujand State University, Tajikistan
  15. Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University, India
  16. Padmashri Vikhe Patil College, India