Brief Information about the Unit

Until 2008, before the introduction of credit technology of education there were 3 dean’s offices in the university: dean’s office of medical and medical-preventive faculties; dean’s office of pediatric and stomatology faculties; dean’s office of the foreign department and the pharmaceutical faculty. In 2008 there were 2 dean’s offices: by order of the rector №102 of June 26, 2008, the joint dean’s office of the Medical, Medical-preventive, Stomatology, Pharmacy, Public health and Nursing departments; and the dean’s office of the “General medicine” and pediatric faculties were created. In the academic year 2010-2011, the dean’s office was renamed into the dean’s office of credit technology of education (CTE), medical faculty, stomatology and foreign department. In the academic year 2012-2013, in connection with the abolition of the specialties «Medical faculty» and «Pediatrics», the dean’s offices have been renamed into the dean’s office of Сredit technology of education (CTE), stomatology and foreign department; and dean’s office of General medicine.

From August 29, 2016, by the order of the Rector No. 194-a, the Dean’s office of undergraduate education (UGE) was created. It combined the undergraduate specialties: General Medicine, Dentistry, Public Health, Nursing, Pharmacy and the foreign department. Despite the date of creation, the dean’s office has a rich history.

The external evaluation of the achievements of the students is confirmed by the successful passing of the state certification of the specialty in 2012 and the institutional accreditation of the university in 2014, specialized accreditation in the bachelor’s specialties in 2015 and 2016. A relatively high percentage (88% of respondents) of employers’ satisfaction with the quality of graduate program preparation, as well as the high degree of demand for graduates of bachelor’s degree, the indicator of the employment of graduates – over 90% – testifies to the effectiveness of the goals of educational programs.

University opened the groups with English language of education for Kazakhstani students: since 2004 – in the specialties «Medical faculty» and «Pediatrics», subsequently the specialty «General Medicine»; since 2011 – in the specialty «Public Health»; since 2014 – in the specialty «Stomatology».

In October 2016, our university hosted the First Congress of Parents. Such a large-scale event was held for the first time only in our university throughout Kazakhstan. The parents of students of all courses and specialties from different regions of Kazakhstan, as well as from the Chinese People’s Republic and India took part in the work of the congress. In total, the Congress was attended by about 200 delegates.

Students are actively involved in volunteerism at the national and international level, as one of the indicators of the strategic development of the university. So, in 2017, 33 students were volunteers of the International Specialized Exhibition «Astana EXPO 2017».

In 2019, the structure of the University has changed and the dean’s office of undergraduate education was reorganized into the School of Medicine.

The School of Medicine ensures the implementation of educational programs “General Medicine” and “Pediatrics”.


The main tasks of the School of Medicine:

  • Monitoring the quality of the educational process at the departments, assessing the compliance of their work with the priority areas of development of SMU, NСJSC;
  • Monitoring the completeness of the introduction of new educational standards into the educational process in accordance with the achievements of science and the needs of practical healthcare;
  • Organizational support of departments on the development of student science and internal academic mobility of students;
  • Organizational support of departments on the development of international cooperation for integration into the international educational space;
  • Ensuring a set of measures to create conditions for self-development, self-realization of student youth, their readiness to participate in the social and professional activities of the country through the formation of a Plan for the educational work of SMU, NСJSC, plans for corrective measures based on the results of feedback from students and teaching staff.


Functions of the School of Medicine:

  • Analysis of educational achievements of students, organization of transfers, restoration, elimination of academic differences, summer paid semester;
  • Monitoring the implementation of the educational process and the organization of examinations, monitoring attendance of classes by students, monitoring the schedules of sessions and distributing the workload of teaching staff, taking into account the languages ​​of instruction;
  • Monitoring on the requests of students and teaching staff about the quality of the educational process, analysis of the results and the formation of a plan of corrective measures together with the coordinators of the EP, the directors of the committees responsible for the disciplines;
  • Planning and organization of external academic mobility of students of the School together with a specialist in academic mobility;
  • Preparation of draft orders related to the activities of the School, registration and processing of incoming and outgoing documentation;
  • Interaction with the admissions and state commissions for the enrollment and graduation of students;
  • Assistance to the Department of the clinic in the organization of scheduled medical examinations of students;
  • Monitoring the completeness of the introduction of new educational standards of specialties into the educational process in accordance with the achievements of science and the needs of practical healthcare through the participation of the School staff in meetings of the CEP, the Academic Committee, inter-departmental control, by attending classes, exams;
  • Participation in the development and formation of working curricula, taking into account the requirements of the State General Educational Standards of Education;
  • Participation in the work of the CPC, the academic committee of SMU, NСJSC;
  • Preparation of reports on all areas of the School’s activities;
  • Monitoring the formation of lists for awarding scholarships to students based on the results of examination sessions. Organization of transfers for vacant grants;
  • Systematic informing students about the Internal Regulations of SMU, NСJSC, regulatory documents on the basis of which the university operates;
  • monitoring compliance with the Rules and regulatory documents by students together with department staff;
  • Organization of measures to ensure the safety of life and health of students during training sessions in conjunction with the Department of Security, Civil Defense and Emergency Situations;
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of ongoing educational activities with the presentation of the results at meetings of collegial bodies (according to the Plan of educational work of SMU, NСJSC);
  • Organization of psychological support for students through the functioning of the psychologist’s office;
  • Coordination of the Work Plans of departments and individual plans of heads of departments that are part of the School;
  • Monitoring the formation of a portfolio of students, advising on the formation of a portfolio.


School of General Medicine Faculty

In 2007 new specialty “General medicine” was introduced, Semipalatinsk State Medical Academy got license for educational activity on specialty 051301 “General medicine” in accordance with State Educational Standards in 2006. The first admission on specialty “General medicine” was conducted in 2007 in amount of 437 students in accordance with state license.

The preparation of medical shots on specialty is realized on base of SOSE RK of 2006. The education is full-time, full-time, duration – 9 years, (bachelor 5 years + internship 2 years + residency 2 years) and realized on three languages – state, Russian and English.

During 7 years since the establishment of the department the following historic moments took place: in 2010 the faculty successfully passed institutional accreditation, in 2011 – attestation, in 2011 there was held PGC for the first time at the 3rd year students of MPA with the highest results among all universities of the city, in 2012 – the second PGC, also with high performance. Significant event in 2012 was the 5-year anniversary and the first graduation of the general medicine faculty in the number of 349.

Over the years, students of general medicine faculty have good academic performance, also actively participate in the social life not only of our university, but also at the city, regional and national levels, there are many letters of commendation. The staff of the dean’s office and SSU of the faculty have contributed to the achievements of the faculty.

THE DEANERY UNITES: 2007-2008 academic year: 21 chairs and courses with 1 Corresponding Member of Academy of Sciences, 10 Doctors and 22 Candidates of Sciences. 2008-2009 academic year 21 departments and courses, since 2009-2010 18 departments and courses, 2010-2011 academic year 20 departments and courses, since 2011-2012. 24 chairs.2012-2013 and 2013-2014 academic years 19 chairs, members of the Academic Council of the Faculty.

EDUCATIONAL PROCESS. To date the educational process is conducted at 19 departments of the Faculty of General Medicine. The contingent of students for the academic year 2013-2014 is 2608 students.

EDUCATIONAL PROCESS. In the process of educational activity is carried out systematic and joint work of the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of General Medicine, student government, the Council of curators, the parents’ committee and youth organizations of the Faculty (21 organizations).

In the seven years of the Faculty’s existence, the staff of the Dean’s Office has done a lot of work. Many Schools and student organizations have been opened under the guidance of the Dean’s Office staff. We can say with pride that it became a tradition to celebrate since 2008 the 1st of December as a Curator’s Day; the beginning of April as a Faculty Self-government Day; since 2009 “Leadership groups” were formed, the number of which increases from year to year; since 2011 – Day of the Faculty, holding the competition “Two Stars” and since 2012 – opening of “Name rooms” in the dormitory №1; since 2012-2013 academic year students of Leader groups of the 2nd year were appointed as Student Curators of the 1st year, then the Faculty Dean’s Office was formed, since 2014 the new tradition “Open Door Day of the Departments” was introduced. Repeatedly the staff of the Dean’s Office has been awarded with letters of gratitude of Akim of the city, the rector of the University was awarded with the anniversary medal of the 60th anniversary of the University. They are “Excellent health care workers”. The employees of the deanery are constantly in the process of self-improvement, they are the winners of the competition “100 Brilliant Ideas 2012”, in 2013 they won the competition for “The best video clip”.

According to a new vector of direction of the Social Program “Kazakhstan-2050”, the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of General Medicine realizes all ideas of the Head of the State for the successful development of modern youth.

Contacts: Main Building, 103 Abay St.

tel. +7(7222)52 22 51 (ext. 225 – 1051, sec.246 – 1036, sec.247 – 1049)


Faculty of Medicine

The formation of Semipalatinsk State Medical Institute began with the medical faculty. In 1953 the Institute accepted 320 applicants who became the first students of the institution, and in 1959 the first graduation of specialists – 250 physicians (internists, surgeons, obstetricians-gynecologists). The first Dean of the Medical Faculty was Professor I.M. Turetsky, Head of the Department of Normal Anatomy of the Institute.

In different years headed the deanery and worked in it dean – Professor IM Turetsky (1954-1957), Deputy Dean – Associate Professor SK Kidraliev; Dean – Professor SA Predtechensky (1957-1962gg.), Deputy Dean – Associate Professor T. Ten; Dean – Professor BI Dunayvitzer (1962-1964gg.), Deputy Dean – Professor F. I. Grudev, associate professors A.A. Almagambetov, G.K. Iskakov; dean – professor K.O. Oralbaev (1964-1967); dean – professor Y.V. Pogorelov (1967-1969. ), Deputy Dean – Associate Professor AA Almagambetov; Dean – Associate Professor K.A. Shaymardanov (1969-1983), Deputy Dean – Associate Professor MM Gladinets, Associate Professor U.A. Tabarov, Associate Professor A.Z. Dyusupov; Dean – Professor S.O. Tapbergenov (1983-1994), Deputy Deans – Associate Professors V.T. Goncharov, V.I. Midlenko, Y.N. Konshin; Dean – Professor A.M. Zhanaspayev (1994-1998), deputy dean – associate professors J.B. Baysugurov and M.K. Zhumabaev; Dean – Professor O.M. Kim (1998-2002), deputy dean – associate professors M.K. Zhumabaev, D.A.Temirbekov; Dean of medical and preventive medicine faculty – professor A.Z.Dyusupov (2002-2007), deputy deans of the Kazakh department – Professor M.A.Kaldybaev, of the Russian department – Associate Professor D.A.Temirbekov, of medical and preventive medicine faculty – Associate Professor K.U.Kembaeva.

In 2007 the deans of medical and preventive medicine faculties were associate professor D.A. Temirbekov and associate professor T.V. Kaymak. Since October, 2007 the dean of the medical faculty and foreign department is candidate of biological sciences, associate professor A.S. Orazalina (2007-2012), deputy deans associate professor N.M. Urazalina, associate professor D.A. Temirbekov. Over 60 years of medical faculty of State Medical University of Semey was carried out 54 graduated doctors, prepared more than 20000 highly qualified doctors physicians. Today the graduates of the medical faculty are working not only all over Kazakhstan, but also far beyond. Many of them became doctors (over 100) and more than 750 persons – candidates of medical sciences, working in all medical higher educational institutions of the republic, in the countries of near and far abroad. In 2012 the last graduates in the specialty “Medicine” were 204 people. There is no any medical institution or research institute in Kazakhstan, where graduates of the Medical Faculty of the State Medical University of Semey worked. Graduates of faculty were the deputies of Parliament of RK, rectors of universities of RK and CIS (academician Raisov T.K., academician Tulebaev R.K., academician Aliakparov M.K., professor Rakhypbekov T.K., professor Tapbergenov T.S., professor Zhumadilov Zh, Professor V.R. Weber, etc.), the Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Professor T.K. Rakhypbekov), headed and head many medical and preventive institutions in the Republic, CIS countries and far abroad.

Foreign Office

The Faculty of Foreign Students was opened in 1995 for the first time among medical universities in Kazakhstan. The first head was appointed Corresponding Member of the Academy of Medical Sciences, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Marat Nukenovich Musin. The Vice-dean from 2002 was docent, candidate of Biological Sciences Orazalina Ainash Saparovna. In 1995 there were 43 students from India, Pakistan, Palestine, Syria, Jordan. Training was conducted in Russian. In 1998 the English Department was opened. Teaching of foreign students is conducted on the base of educational plan which meets the standards of medical education in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Teaching and educational process and its methodical ware meet the modern requirements for training of specialists with higher education. The University professors have passed and are undergoing training, retraining and internship in educational institutions of the USA, England, Japan, Korea, Israel, Singapore, Australia, Canada, etc. More than 40 teachers have a second degree in English language teaching (extramural graduates from “Kaynar” University, State University named after Auezov, State Pedagogical University named after M.V. Lomonosov). Auezov State University, Semey State Pedagogical Institute. Semey).


Professor M. N. Musin (1995-2007) Associate Professor A. S. Orazalin (2007 to date)


By the order of the rector № 102 from 26.06.2008 was created joint deanery of medical, medical preventive, dental, pharmaceutical faculties and faculties of public health and nurse business. In the 2010-2011 academic year, the Dean’s Office was renamed the Dean’s Office for Credit Technology of Education (CTE), Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry and Foreign Affairs. In the 2012-2013 academic year, due to the abolition of the major in Internal Medicine, the Dean’s Office was renamed the Dean of Credit Technology of Education (CTE), Dentistry, and the Foreign Department.

From 2007 to March 2018 Dean of Credit Technology of education: Dentistry and Foreign Department was Orazalin A.S. In 2007-2008 the Deputy Dean of the foreign department was candidate of medical sciences Olzhaeva R.R. (Biochemistry Department); in 2008-2009 for the work with foreign students was responsible teacher of Kazakhstan history department Assylbekov K.M. M.; in 2009-2010, the deputy dean of the foreign department was a senior lecturer of the Department of Anatomy Shchetinina N.V.; 2010-2012, the deputy dean of the foreign department was Associate Professor of Infectious Diseases Department Maukaeva S.B.; in the 2012-2013 academic year, the deputy dean of the foreign department was appointed O.A. Usenova Ph. A. (Department of physiological disciplines); in the 2013-2014 academic year, Rymbaeva T.A. (Department of SGD) was appointed as Deputy Dean of the foreign department; in the 2014-2015 academic year, a teacher of SGD Department Bytimbaeva G.M. was responsible for working with students of the foreign department; in 2015-2016 academic year Rymbaeva R.D., teacher of English was Deputy Dean.

By the order of the rector № 194-a from 29.08.2016 there was created a joint dean’s office “General medicine” and credit technology of education, dentistry and foreign department in a single structural unit – Graduate School headed by the dean, Associate Professor Orazalina A.S. Since 2016-2017 academic year the deputy dean was Rymbaeva R.D., Associate Professor of English. In May 2016, Dean Orazalina A.S. took part in the seminar “2nd Gateway Abroad International Education Expo-2016”, (Imphal Manipur, India), in the international educational EXPO – 2016 in India in the state of Manipur Imphal, where the issues of medical education abroad were discussed. Representatives of medical universities in China, Nepal, Bangladesh, Philippines, parents, public figures took part in the conference. Also in May 2016 participated in the seminar “Medical Education in Kazakhstan” India, Rajistan state, Jaipur.


In March 2018, by the order of the rector School of Foreign Department was separated into a separate unit headed by the Dean – Associate Professor Nurtazina A.U. At this time, the Dean’s Office of the foreign department unites international students and Kazakh students of specialties “General Medicine” and “Dentistry”, studying in English. Nurtazina A.U. is a candidate of medical sciences, assistant professor. For about 15 years she taught in English speaking groups at the Department of General Medicine. Doctor of higher category, consultant therapist/cardiologist. Participant of a number of international seminars and conferences. Studied epidemiology at the University of London/LSHTM (postgraduate diploma), is certified in epidemiology at Harvard University. Chair of ICM for MA and PhD dissertations in therapeutic disciplines. Head of the IFOM Working Group.

A dormitory is available for international students to live in and has been extensively renovated. In accordance with the culture and requests of the students’ parents, the girls live on a separate floor and have a separate entrance. There is a kitchen, laundry, hairdresser, gym in the dormitory. Residence of students in the dormitory is under constant control of the university administration. Teachers who supervise groups of international students, deputy dean visit the dormitory according to the schedule of the dean’s office. The admission policy for international students in medical universities of RK is being improved. In August 2017, a visiting commission consisting of Deputy Dean Kovaleva L.V. and Specialist of International Cooperation Department Shumsky N.A. was created to receive an entrance interview among applicants from India. Conducted career guidance in the form of meetings with parents (Jaipur, Rajasthan), the release on two television channels in India in a live broadcast, a press conference for 10 channels in Hyderabad, Telangana. The selection interview is conducted in English in order to determine the level of English language proficiency, basic disciplines within the general school curriculum. The interview is aimed at revealing the ability to learn, creative activity and critical thinking, to identify the personal qualities of the applicant.


An integral part of the work of the Dean’s Office of the foreign department is the successful cooperation with the firm “Tecas.India” headed by Mir Mudasir for more than 20 years. Thanks to mutual cooperation with the firm, SMU Semey has been a member of the Association of Indian Universities since 2013, the only university in the post-Soviet space. The school supports and develops the traditions of the university, organizes various events and projects; the purpose of which is the successful adaptation of foreign students, strengthening of friendly relations between peoples. The school maintains relations with the Embassy of India and Pakistan in Kazakhstan and with their parents. At the foreign department there is a Student Self-Government, elected by the students. The SSU is engaged in organizational activities at the university and in the dormitory of foreign students, assists in the organization of cultural and mass events. The university’s peer-to-peer program includes the English Club (where senior Englishmen help other students master various subjects and help them improve their English), the Lady club, and the Social group (formed by international students to help freshmen adapt to their new living conditions and deal with everyday problems, medical care). Reviews of graduates working in Pakistan, India, Germany, the United States, England show the high level of qualification of trained specialists. Over the years of existence of the foreign department more than 500 doctors have been trained. At present more than 700 students from India, Pakistan, China, Mongolia and Russia are studying at the university. It is planned to further expand the geography of training citizens from near and far abroad countries at the foreign department.

Faculty of Dentistry

The Faculty of Dentistry at SMU of Semey city was opened in 1991 (order #128 from 01.01.1991g. of Ministry of Education of RK). The validity term of license AA №0000046 from 08.07.2002 is without restriction. The first dean of Faculty of Stomatology from the day of foundation was D.M.S., professor Jursunhan Yesenbekovich Zhanybekov.

The dean of the integrated pediatric and dental faculties from 2002 to 2005 was the docent of medical sciences, professor Zhetpisbaev Bekbolat Adamovich, and his deputies were docents Aldabergenova T.K., Ilderbaev O.Z., Kabdykanov S.K.

In 2005-2007 years. – The dean was candidate of medical sciences, associate professor Efendat Musaevich Efendiev. Since 2007 the dean of stomatological faculty is docent Ainash Saparovna Orazalina. There were 16 graduated stomatologists.


Professor Janybekov D.E. (1991-2002) Professor Zhetpisbaev B.A. (2002-2005) Associate Professor Efendiev I.M. (2005-2007) Associate Professor Orazalina A.S. (from 2007 to present)


Faculties of credit technology: public health, nursing

New faculties of public health and nursing were opened in 2007-2008 academic year. On the basis of the State Educational Standards (SES) of 2006, for the first time the credit technology of education (CTE) in the specialties “Public health”, “Pharmacy”, “Nursing” was introduced in SGMA, and since 2010 – “Medical and preventive business”. The organization of the educational process at KTO is provided by the relevant structures – the Office Registrar and the Editors. The first dean of the faculties of credit system of training: pharmacy, public health, nursing from 2007 to 2008 was candidate of biological sciences, Abdrahmanov Serik Amirzhanovich, Deputy Dean from 2008 to 2010 – Kupanova Saltanat Akhmetkalievna (Senior Lecturer of Social and Humanitarian Disciplines).

Since 2008 to the present time the Dean of Credit Technology Faculties is Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor Orazalin Ainash Saparovna. Associate Professor Temirbekov Daniyar Abdymonovich (Associate Professor of Histology Department), Candidate of Medical Sciences Kudaibergenova Nazym Konyrovna (Senior Lecturer of Nutrition and hygiene disciplines), Candidate of Medical Sciences Uzbekova Saltanat Esengalievna (Senior Lecturer of Histology Department) worked as vice-dean at KTO faculties, from 2012 the vice-dean for specialty “Public health” and “Dentistry” works, Associate Professor Urazalina Nailya Muratkhanovna (chair of physiological disciplines) and Deputy Dean for the specialties “Nursing”, “Pharmacy”, “Medical and preventive medicine” and foreign department – Candidate of Biological Sciences Usenova Oksana Aleksandrovna (senior lecturer of physiological disciplines), since 2013 Master of Economics Rymbaeva Togzhan Asylbekovna (teacher of Kazakhstan history and social and humanitarian disciplines).

Faculty of “Public Health”
In 2007 there were 52 students enrolled in the “Public Health” faculty. In 2012 there was the 1st graduation in the specialty “Public Health” in the number of 48 graduates with the academic degree – “Bachelor of Public Health”. In 2013, there was a second graduation and 67 graduates. In 2014 there was a third graduation and 81 graduates. Over the three graduations, 196 professionals were trained. A total of 30 people entered graduate school. The graduates were employed as statisticians, epidemiologists, bacteriologists, valeologists, leading and chief specialists of sanitary and epidemiological service, deputy directors, chief physician for nursing, for economic work, for medical part, for quality control of medical services, for internal audit, senior laboratory assistants at the departments of SMU of Semey.

Faculty of “Nursing”
The Nursing Department got 28 students in 2007, all on state educational grant. Duration of study – 4 years. In 2011 there was the first graduation of “Nursing” – 22 people. In 2012 there was a second graduation of 33 people, in 2013 – 28 people. In 2014 there were 37 graduates. In four years of graduation 120 “Nursing” specialists were trained. All of them are employed in East Kazakhstan, Pavlodar and other regions of Kazakhstan as nurses, senior, head nurses, statisticians, teachers in medical colleges, senior laboratory technicians in the university departments.

Faculty of Pharmacy

The Faculty of Pharmacy was opened in 2003. The first dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy was Dr.M.S., Professor Marat Nukenovich Musin, who led the joint dean of the foreign department and the Faculty of Pharmacy. Since 2008 to the present dean of the credit technology departments, the faculty “Pharmacy” is candidate of biological sciences, associate professor Orazalina Ainash Saparovna.

Since 2007-2008 academic years were introduced credit technology of education on specialty 5В110300 “Pharmacy” on the basis of SOSE RK 3.07-476-2006. The duration of training is 5 years. The faculty had 5 graduations and trained 54 pharmacists. The graduates of the specialty “Pharmacy” are awarded the academic degree – “Bachelor of Pharmacy”, the diploma of higher basic education with the qualification – “general practitioner pharmacist” is issued.

Faculty of Medicine and Prevention

The Faculty of Medicine and Prevention was opened in 2003 with an enrollment of 143 students. Of these, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students were transferred to our university due to the closure of the Medical and Preventive Faculty of VKGU (Ust-Kamenogorsk).


Professor A.Z. Dyusupov (2003-2007) associate professor A.S. Orazalina (from 2007 up to now)


The first dean of faculty was D.M.S., professor Dyusupov Akhmetkali Zainoldaevich, who headed the joint deanery of medical and preventive medicine faculty from 2002 to 2007, and his deputy dean was docent Kembaeva Kulpash Urazbekovna. Since 2008 dean of medical and preventive faculty is docent Ainash Saparovna Orazalina.

At the end of training the graduate is admitted to independent practical activity as the specialist on epidemiology, municipal hygiene, hygiene of children and teenagers, hygiene of work, hygiene of food, radiation hygiene, virology, bacteriology, parasitology, which has the right to carry out the state sanitary-and-epidemiologic supervision, directed on preventive maintenance of diseases of the population and improvement of environment. There were 7 graduations of specialists in medical and preventive medicine. From academic year 2010-2011 on the basis of State Educational Standard 6.08.021-2009 in Semey State Medical University was firstly introduced credit system of education on specialty 5B110400 “Medical and Preventive Business”.

Head of the Organizational Unit


Saltanat Yessengalievna Uzbekova

Dean of the School of Medicine, Candidate of Medical Sciences
In 1998, she graduated the pediatric faculty of the Semipalatinsk Medical Academy, after which in 1998-2000 she studied in residency at the Department of Social Medicine. Since 2000 she worked as a teacher at the Department of Histology, since 2005 – as senior teacher. In 2011-2012 she was Deputy Dean of credit training technology, Dentistry...




Aigul Bakhtybekovna Dyussenbayeva

Deputy Dean of School of Medicine. Master of Economic Sciences
To fulfill the functions assigned to him, the Deputy Dean of the School performs the following duties: participates in the development and improvement of educational and methodological and other documents of the School; working with the relevant structural units, monitors the current educational, industrial work and practice of students; monitors the scheduling of training sessions...



Araylym Shaymuratovna Kulgimbayeva

Deputy Dean of School of Medicine. Master of Technical Sciences
To fulfill the functions assigned to him, the Deputy Dean of the School performs the following duties: participates in the development and improvement of educational and methodological and other documents of the School; working with the relevant structural units, monitors the current educational, industrial work and practice of students; monitors the scheduling of training sessions...


Казез Аружан Аскаровна

Aruzhan Askarkyzy Kazez

Methodist of the School of Medicine



Dauren Almasuly Khassenov

Educational Specialist
Leader of youth clubs. Event organizer. Teacher-psychologist. Producer.



Farida Toleubekovna Zykhanova

Methodologist of the School of Medicine
To perform the functions assigned to him , the methodologist of the School must perform the following duties: keeps records and controls the database of students, namely their correction and introduction of information into the database; conducts statistical processing of monthly data on the movement of students together with the educational department; prepares a statistical...


Бибекова Гулимай Жанабековна

Gulimay Zhanabekovna Bibekova

Deputy Dean of the School of Medicine, Master of Physics



Contact Information


071400, Abai Region, Semey city, 103 Abay St., room 218


Work Schedule

Mon. – Fri. 09:00–18:00

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