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Historically, the Regional Clinical Hospital was established on January 4, 1952 by Order No. 2 of the Semipalatinsk Provincial Health Department on the basis of the Physio-Institute, Surgical and Eye Hospitals. Bobov Vasily Sergeevich, the organizer of public health, the honored doctor of the Kazakh SSR, a great enthusiast, a professional in his field, became its first leader, and M. A. was appointed deputy for medical work. Lomshakov, a remarkable clinician, organizer of the ophthalmological service in the region, who headed the hospital after V. S. Bobov.

In the 90s, the health care system suffered a difficult turning point, the collapse of the Union affected, the forced transition of the Republic to market relations. During this period, health care organizers Makashev A.K., Ospanov B.N. vascular surgeon of the highest qualification category Masalimov E. O., who continues to work at the present time.

In 2006, within the framework of the state program for the reform and development of health care for 2005-2010, on the basis of a petition from the Ministry of Health and a decree of the akim of the East Kazakhstan region, the clinical center was transferred from communal ownership to republican ownership, as a structural unit of the State Medical University of Almaty. Families. Since 2009, the clinic has been transformed into the Medical Center of the State Medical University.

To date, the University Hospital is a multidisciplinary medical, educational and pedagogical institution in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 465 beds, which includes a children’s hospital with 146 beds and an adult hospital for 319 beds, a day hospital for 60 beds, there are 15 inpatient departments, 3 departments of ARI, 12 paraclinical medical and diagnostic departments. The University Hospital has its own consultative and diagnostic polyclinic, where admission is made in 28 specialties. Every year, residents of the Abay region receive specialized assistance in the inpatient departments of the clinic. In addition to specialized medical care, the hospital provides high-tech medical care in the following areas: cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, interventional cardiology and angiosurgery. In 2021, out of 27 HTMP technologies provided in the East Kazakhstan region, 12 technologies – 138 cases were carried out within the walls of the University Hospital.

The University Hospital has a long-term strategic partnership with leading clinics in the near and far abroad. Every year more than 20 master classes are held within the walls of the hospital with the involvement of the best specialists of the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad.

Employees of the University Hospital annually take refresher courses, participate in international seminars, conferences, thereby continuously improving their knowledge.

During the pandemic, our doctors were among the first to guard their health, at the cost of their lives. Many people suffered this insidious disease very hard. But no matter what, they provided emergency assistance to patients, carrying out complex operations.

Many doctors who took their first steps at the University Hospital are now successfully working in clinics in Nur-Sultan, Almaty and in countries near and far abroad.



Head of the Organizational Unit

Nazarbek B. Omarov

Nazarbek B. Omarov

Director of the UH of SMU, NCJSC, PhD
Education higher – SSMA (Semipalatinsk State Medical Academy ), 2000-2006; internship – SSMA, 2006-2007; residency – Semey State Medical University, 2008-2010; fellowship – Altay State Medical University, Barnaul, 2011-2014.   Specialties doctor; board certified in surgery; first category health professional.   Work experience 2007-2019 – Assistant of the Department of Hospital Surgery of SMU, NCJSC,...



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071403, Abay Region, Semey, 1 Sechenov St.

University Hospital of Semey Medical University, Non-Commercial Joint-Stock Company




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