To date, the following research activities are being implemented at the University.

MES projects:

1) “Development of a system orthogonalizes rehabilitation of injuries of the pelvis in road traffic accidents in the Republic of Kazakhstan” MES RK, the implementation period 2018-2020, Head – Zhunusov E. T.

2) “Optimization of radiation therapy locally advanced cervical cancer with the introduction of 3D-visual-controlled brachytherapy” MES, the implementation period 2018-2020, Head of Adylhanov T. A.

3) Project under consideration by the national tax service on the topic “Immunogenetic forecasting and self-assessment of social and medical consequences among patients who have had COVID-19 in the Republic of Kazakhstan”, Head Masabayeva M. R., implementation period 2020-2022.

Implemented – 7 start-up projects 2018-2020


Method of preventive radiation therapy of paraaortic lymph nodes in locally advanced stages of cervical cancer in the framework of an international multicenter study

d.m.n., Adylkhanov Tasbolat Alpysbesovich



Optimization of diagnostics and surgical treatment of acute destructive calculous cholecystitis in overweight patients

d.m.n., Aimagambetov Meirbek Zhaksybekovich


Molecular and genetic basis for predicting the development of metabolic syndrome in the Kazakh population

PhD Masabayeva Meruert Ravilyevna



Pathogenetic and therapeutic aspects of recurrent myocardial ischemia after percutaneous coronary interventions

d.m.n., professor Karazhanova Lyudmila Kuasainovna



The use of geographic information systems for solutions to public health problems

PhD, Mysaev Ayan Oralkhanovich


Effects of internal radiation at various levels of the body from residual radioactivity after neutron activation: a multicenter experimental study using neutrons from a nuclear reactor


d.m.n., professor Chaizhunusova Nailya Zhakiyanovna


Complex analysis of mutations in thyroid tumors in Kazakhstan using new generation sequencing

d.m.n., professor Espenbetova Maira Zhaksimanovna


International projects

1) Strategic cooperation with the University of Bashkent.

WHO projects:

1) “Implementation of measures to monitor awareness, risk perception, prevention behaviors and confidence levels to support the response to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak” implementation Period is 12 months. Project coordinator – D. A. Kobzhasarova, T. A. Bulegenov, Z. A. Khismetova.

 The following Clinical trials are performed:

1) “Randomized placebo-controlled studies of the safety and therapeutic effectiveness of the oral form of the drug FS-1 in resistant forms of pulmonary tuberculosis” head of the study: doctor of medical Sciences, Professor Ivanova R. L., Baibusinova A. Zh, Tlebalaeva B, Gorkovenko A. implementation Period 2016-2020. Source of funding – too “Abbvie”      

2) “Clinical study of a medicinal product for medical use AVT-494 with LLC “Ebbvi” doctor of medical Sciences, Professor Ivanova R. L., Goremykina M. V. implementation Period 2016-2020. Source of funding – too “Abbvie”


            Filed application for grant funding of scientific and (or) scientific-technical projects in the years 2021-2023 MES , with implementation period of 36 months and 12 months


Study of monoclonal antibodies in autoimmune thyroid diseases

Espenbetova M. Zh.


Development of complex diagnostics and treatment of near and intra – articular fractures of the musculoskeletal system

Zhanaspaev M. A.


assessment of the status of vitamin D, trace elements and mineral metabolism in children of Abai Region

Akhmetzhanova D. O.


Immunognetic prediction of the severity of COVID-19 in the Kazakh population

Masabayeva M. R.


Prevention, identification and conceptual foundations of radiation reaction therapy during chemical radiation therapy of cervical cancer

Pak L.A.


Age-related features of changes in immunological reactivity under the combined effect of stress factors

Kozykenova Zh. U