Tecas.kz presents an irresistible challenge to the budget holder parents . It is said that home is sweet. But even then life at home cannot be compared to the life in hostel. At home one has to live as the other members of the family live. In hostel one has to keep in mind the convenience of others.


It is very social hostel in a privileged, less than two hundred meters from all the necessary requirement of the students.


The location is probably the highlight of this hostel. It is only 15 minutes from the SSMU (walking distance).


The building is all new 5 floors classy. Rooms are quite big and spacious. On each floor bathrooms are located to the extreme left and right corner (easy access). 24 hours hot and cold water available for students.


On two floors large hall is build for students to sit and study. There is a common kitchen, in which many students cook food on daily basis. Laundry works in the first floor.


Good size well equipped gym hall is present for students with separate time for girls and boys. Also a well trained and qualified trainer is present to help and take care.


For safety of students cameras are administrating every floor and hostel campus, which is under surveillance of warden on duty. Also to keep in check of all students and all work in hostel reception is 24(7) present.


If you just want to study well and be free from worries about every single need of you the hostel is very perfect in every sense.

Thank you.